11 ways a BFF will annoy you ... just because they can and you won't stop loving them

By YP cadet Rachel Lin
By YP cadet Rachel Lin |

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When someone is your BFF, you know you'll always have each others' backs. No matter what happens, your BFF will always be there for you ... even if it's just so they can annoy you to death.

1. They'll keep tagging you on social media so you keep getting notifications, which means you'll have to poke back “in revenge”.

2. Doodling on your things when you're not looking.

3. Forcing you to go to the toilet with them.

4. Calling you by your weird nicknames...loudly...and in public.

5. Blackmailing you into doing something for them by threatening to tell everyone your every secret.

6. Laughing their head off at you when you mess up, and continuing to make fun of you for it until the end of time.

7. Making jokes about your favourite celebrity or your crush.

8. Taking a whole load of selfies with your phone when you leave it unattended. 

9. Pretending they don’t understand your inside jokes.

10. Calling you in the middle of the night for absolutely no reason.

11. Keeping ugly pictures of you and showing them to other people once in a while.

But no matter how annoying they are, you're still BFFs...because you'd do exactly the same thing right back.

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