Tom and Jerry Spy Quest combines classic shenanigans with spy action

By James Whittle

Tom and Jerry Spy Quest (Movie)

By James Whittle |

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Most people will have seen at least one Tom and Jerry cartoon in their life, so news of an animated feature, Tom & Jerry Spy Quest, was always going to be pretty exciting.

What makes this news even better is that this is a mash-up of two popular Hanna-Barbera cartoons: Tom and Jerry, and Jonny Quest. Naturally the stars of this movie are the cheeky little rascal of a mouse, Jerry, and his long-time feline nemesis, Tom. Along for the ride is the Quest family. And it's all based on the original 60s cartoon character designs and storylines.

For those unfamiliar with Jonny Quest, the show features an 11-year-old boy who gets himself mixed up in crazy action adventures involving deadly secret agents, lizard men, and killer robots, plus the occasional Mummy of the Egyptian kind. Jonny gets into sticky situations usually because of his dad's work as a talented scientist, but he somehow always manages to get out of tight spots with the help of his friend Hadji and bodyguard Race Bannon.

In this film, the characters from the two shows meet at the beach when the evil Dr Zin tries to kidnap Jonny and Hadji, but is thwarted by Tom. Dr Zin plans to hold the boys hostage and demand Dr Quest's latest invention, the Quest Sphere, as ransom. This perpetual power-generating device would allow Dr Zin to destroy Washington DC and take over the world. Will Tom and Jerry, Jonny and Hadji be able to stop him?

This is a fun, retro animation that mixes the best of classic Tom and Jerry shenanigans with Jonny Quest action and adventure, and is fun for cartoon fans of all ages.