The Gold Saints rise from the death to destroy the Wall of Grief

By James Whittle

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (Anime)

By James Whittle |

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The near-invincible Gold Saints from the anime/manga series Saint Seiya are back from the dead, in a new, original web series called Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

That's right, the Gold Saints who burned up their cosmos (life force) to destroy the Wall of Grief in the Hades story arc have been resurrected in Asgard. This will be the third time something fishy has happened in this mythical Norse land, and it ain't the rakfisk.

The series focuses mainly on Gold Saint Leo Aiola, who finds himself inexplicably alive and in Asgard, home to the Norse god Odin. He meets Lyfia, a handmaiden to Polaris Hilda, Odin's representative in Asgard, and its governor. Lyfia tells Aiola that Hilda has been imprisoned and Andreas Lise has taken her place. Using the mystical power of the revived Yggdrasil tree, Andreas has turned the frozen lands of Asgard into a garden of Eden.

But nobody knows that the tree feeds off people's cosmos, so lives are being sacrificed to feed it. It's also making Andreas even more powerful. Aiola is determined to help, and hopefully on the way he'll uncover the mystery behind how he and his fellow Gold Saints are alive and well and in Odin's land.

On his journey he will face numerous baddies, the most fearsome being the new God Warriors, the protectors of Asgard, whose power and strength have been enhanced by Yggdrasil.

In even better news, the series is free to watch at; there are currently six episodes available, with new ones released every fortnight.