13 reasons Tim Burton is the best thing to happen to the world

Everything he touches turns dark and quirky – and this is why it’s great

Lucy Christie |

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Tim Burton (left) and Johnny Depp on the set of Dark Shadows. Photo: Peter Mountain

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The American film director, best known for his quirky, dark interpretations, has given us so many great films, from Beetlejuice and Alice in Wonderland to Edward Scissorhands and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Here are 13 reasons why his unique style is great news, not just for the film industry, but for everyone.

1. He taught us that it’s okay to fail sometimes

2. And that it’s okay not to brush your hair

3. He proved that having a perfect body is overrated

4. And to embrace our individual quirks

5. He helped us see the lighter side of dark situations

6. He made stripes fashionable again

7. He made it cool to dance by yourself

8. He reassured us it’s okay to lose your head sometimes

9. And he made it okay to talk about your feelings

10. Even those awkward ones you find it hard to express

11. He showed us how to liven up dinner time

12. And that table manners are overrated

13. Best of all, he made it cool to be different

Thank you, Tim Burton