You have the power to change your life - stop being passive, and start being proactive

Student created his video to show other people how the best changes come from within


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A friend got in touch with me, and asked me to go out with him to take photos.

I have had a pretty normal upbringing – there were lots of good times, and lots of bad times. My father and mother were busy with work, but they found the time to look after me.

My grades weren’t great, but my teachers and classmates at school were very supportive of me. They helped me to grow, which is why I’m so grateful for their encouragement.

This video depicts the first time I tried photography. The moment was from one particular summer holiday.

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I was staying home a lot, and I didn’t go out with my friends. I didn’t do much. Out of the blue, a good friend of mine then got in touch with me, and asked me to go out with him to take photos. I thought that photography would be hard, but my friend helped me and talked to me about it a lot. It led me to think about what I hadn’t been doing that summer. I decided to focus on photography and started asking my friends to hang out with me.

I’ve been into photography for about three years and I am still learning new things about it – and myself. My life is busier than ever – I’ve joined the school’s photography club (I hold an executive role in it), and I regularly get recognition from my teachers and classmates. I’ve also made more friends thanks to my love of my camera.

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I am very thankful to have such a wonderful friend. He helped me realise I wanted to be a proactive person, not a passive one. But it wasn’t anyone else but me who changed me. It was super helpful to have a friend to talk to, and an interest to cultivate, but the determination to continue to grow as a person came from me. At the end of the day, only I can change myself.

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