FDA warns against viral TikTok trend for keeping avocados fresh

  • The Food and Drug Administration is warning the public about a TikTok hack that suggests putting cut avocados in water to prevent them from going brown
  • Experts say storing avocados this way can actually promote the growth of two types of bacteria, leading to food poisoning
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The latest trend for preserving avocados is actually a terrible idea according to the FDA. Photo: Shutterstock

TikTok has amassed over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. The fun-loving social media platform is often at the forefront of trends – whether it’s the latest dance craze or useful life hacks.

But some trends are better left alone. Recently, users have been testing the longevity of avocados by storing them in water and keeping them in the refrigerator.

What avocado lover doesn’t want to have freshly ripened avocados with no brown or spoiling? Well, the FDA shared in a statement with “Good Morning America” that storing avocados in water and in the fridge causes major concerns over residual human pathogens like listeria and salmonella.

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When submerged in water, bacteria and fungi multiply rapidly. And once listeria reaches the pulp of the avocados, the avocado internally is contaminated and the pathogen cannot be removed by washing the skin of the avocado.

We all love a good hack to save money and get the most out of our purchases. But when it comes to avocados, some things are better left as they were – on the counter.

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