Put your pijamas on for a pillow fight

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Watch out, the pillow fight is coming to town!

Please note that it is likely the venue will change.
Check the HK pillow Facebook page for updates

Show up at Statue Square in Central on Saturday with your pillow. Wait until the air horn sounds at 5pm and join the world's biggest international pillow fight.

A total of 106 cities are taking part, including New York, Paris, London, Toronto, Zurich and Taipei.

In Hong Kong, word of the event has been spreading through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Of more than 7,000 people invited to the event on Facebook, more than 1,000 have said they will take part.

Tom Grundy, 28, started the Facebook group for the Hong Kong event after he contacted the organiser of the world event and found out no one was organising a pillow fight in the city.

"Some people thought it was for charity, a political cause or for a company promotion, but how often do Hongkongers get together purely for fun? It's time to ... hit strangers over the head with soft objects!" Grundy said.

Participants should use soft pillows only, swing lightly and do not swing at people without pillows. Fancy costumes or pyjamas are also going to be the order of the day.

And Grundy has one final request: Please take it easy - use a pillow without feathers and with a case, and clean up.

Go to www.pillowfightday.com