Hong Kong protests: Education Bureau announces classes will resume on Wednesday


Primary and secondary schools will reopen, but kindergartens and schools for children with disabilities will remain closed until Sunday

Kelly Ho |

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Protestors trying to leave the campus of PolyU.

Classes at secondary, primary and some special schools in Hong Kong will resume on Wednesday, as traffic conditions in the city have gradually returned to normal, the Education Bureau announced on Tuesday afternoon.

As some roads and public transportation services are still not fully operational, or are subject to route changes, the Bureau advised students and parents to plan their journey ahead of time and to leave home earlier in the morning. They were also reminded to pay close attention to traffic news and government announcements.

Classes at kindergartens and schools for children with physical and intellectual disabilities will remain suspended until Sunday. The Bureau reminded schools to keep their premises open and to look after students who have arrived at school, and to arrange for them to return home only under safe conditions.

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If individual schools affected by recent protests need more time to prepare for class resumption, they are empowered to carry out their own contingency plans and notify parents and the Bureau as soon as possible.

St Mary's Canossian College, which is located right across the street from Polytechnic University where some protesters have been holed up since last week, will remained closed until next week.

Diocesan Girls’ School in Jordan, which has been a fiery protest zone since last Sunday, announced on Monday that it would extend its period of class suspension until Friday to allow time for deep cleaning procedures to take place. The school said it has hired professionals to remove tear gas and other contaminants, and they will assess the level of contaminants throughout the campus and conduct cleaning operations to ensure the school is safe for all students and staff members. 

The Bureau added that students should return home as soon as school ends, and not wander on the streets. Students were also asked to stay away from danger and not to take part in any unlawful activities.