Third child molestation victim in three months in Kowloon City district

By Melanie Leung

In three months, three children have been sexually molested in the same area, and the suspect is still at large

By Melanie Leung |

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A man claiming to be a police forced a 14-year-old boy to strip off his clothes in a bathroom in Hung Hom on Wednesday afternoon.

The Form Two student was returning home when he was stopped by the man at the junction of Hung Hom Road and Hok Yuen Road, according to Chinese media. The man said he was from the “CID” (Crime Investigation Department) and accused the boy of jaywalking and smuggling drugs.

The boy had requested to see police identification, but the man refused. He took the boy to a bathroom in the nearby Laguna Mall and demanded him to take off his clothes so he could conduct a body search. The frightened boy complied while crying and shouting that he was scared. The man left shortly after.

The boy’s mother called the police after the boy returned home. Police have categorised the case as indecent assault and police impersonation, and are currently investigating.

The man is said to be 25-35 years old, 1.7m in height, with short black hair. He was reported to be wearing a white shirt, shorts and sports shoes, and carried a green bag.

This is the third time in three months that a child has been sexually molested in the Kowloon City district.

A similar case was reported in To Kwa Wan on March 24 when a man pretending to be a police accused an 11-year-old boy returning home from tutoring class at 7pm of smuggling drugs. He took the boy to a nearby staircase and molested him during a body search.

At least two schools, including Oblate Primary School and S.K.H. Fung Kei Millennium Primary School, have advised parents not to let their children wander on the streets alone or speak to strangers.

Kowloon City District Council member Yum Kwok-tung says he believes that the cases may be related.