Dr Lo Chung-mau's collapse stirs up a meme storm

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HKU council member Dr Lo Chung-mau collapsed during last night’s meeting on the university’s pro-vice-chancellor position, and netizens have taken this opportunity to create a memes storm of the incident.

A closed-door meeting of the University of Hong Kong’s governing body ended in chaos last night when angry students stormed the venue upon learning that members were sticking to their guns in deferring the appointment of a liberal scholar to a key managerial post.

Lo, who supported the controversial deferral, collapsed in the middle of the shouting and shoving in the overcrowded room. It was unclear whether he fainted or was pushed to the ground.

An ambulance was called to take Lo to hospital, and he is reported by on.cc to be staying at Queen Mary Hospital as of this morning.

Some suspect that Lo’s collapse was “diving” - an attempt by a football player to gain an unfair advantage over the competition, and a Facebook page, that has given Lo the nickname Ah Mau, was created this morning to “help improve Ah Mau’s acting skills”.

Other netizens have used the image of Lo collapsed on the ground to create memes of him as a diver, football player, synchronised swimmer, and model for a mattress.