Hong Kong weather forecast to be cold again next week

  • The Hong Kong Observatory says a cold front is expected to form over southern China
  • While the temperature will plummet, the humidity will also drop
Karly Cox |

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We’re not saying you’ll need your puffer jacket, but we’re not saying you won’t! Photo: SCMP/Xiaomei Chen

Just as you thought summer was on its way, here’s a warning not to put away your warm jackets just yet. The temperature is forecast to plummet on Monday morning to an average low of 17 degrees Celsius.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, a cold front is expected to form over southern China at the weekend, and cross the coast of Guangdong on Sunday. The temperature in Hong Kong is expected to hit an average high of 21 degrees.

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The humidity is also expected to drop, and the weather is forecast to be dry and bright.

The weather will warm up gradually through the week, with an expected high of 26 degrees by next weekend.

If you think 17 degrees sounds very cold for this time of year, be grateful it’s not 1986. The lowest March temperature ever recorded in the city happened that year: 4.8 degrees!

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