Spoil Your Folks! Benjamin Lum Tsz-him's entry for the Young Post buffet dinner competition

By Benjamin Lum Tsz-him, 11, Meng Tak Catholic School

We asked our readers to write about what their perfect date with their parents or guardians would look like for their chance to win a buffet dinner at a five-star-hotel. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

By Benjamin Lum Tsz-him, 11, Meng Tak Catholic School |

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‘Food! Glorious food!’ I think about food pretty much since I was born, probably because I feel hungry all the time.  As I have so much passion for food, I love to cook and enjoy preparing dishes with my dad who is the first person to teach me how to cook.  I think food made by myself taste good, and food taste even better when it’s being prepared outdoors. Therefore, my favourite thing to do with my parents is CAMPING!!!  

I like camping with my parents because we can have fun all day, like fishing and playing in the sand.  The most fun part is when it gets dark, my dad and I can go out to the beach and dig for clams and crabs.  As you can only be able to catch some crabs in the night time, I have excellent reason to stay up late. Dad and I will bring along our flashlight walking on the beach looking for crabs.  Then we’ll cook a delicious meal out of the prey we caught. If we have no luck with the hunting, we can make some simple dishes using the ingredients we brought with us, like toast with boiled eggs.  Although it’s simple, it’s the world's best toast with boiled egg I can ever get.

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