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Sunny Tse and Young Post junior reporters
Sunny Tse and Young Post junior reporters |

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Teenagers share their thoughts on the Chief Executive's policy address - Breaking New Ground Together - with Sunny Tse and Young Post junior reporters

As it turns out, not every teenager thinks politics are boring. Some care about government policies and have opinions on the performance of Chief Executive Donald Tsang Kam-yuen. After the release of the latest policy address titled 'Breaking New Ground Together' last week, Young Post junior reporters asked teens what was missing and what action should be taken.

Sam Tin Wai-chung
The unemployment problem. He could employ more people in coming projects that the government has undertaken to carry out, especially university graduates.

Hau Wing-yan
Students don't benefit very much from the address, with no further support for the 3+3+4 scheme. Many programmes mentioned target particular districts such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Mong Kok. The New Territories was left out.

Yeung Wai-ting
I think the government is paying too much attention to the future and neglecting the present. No policy was introduced for the poor who are affected by the financial crisis. More should be done about the environment, and the medical insurance scheme is as unworkable as the MPF scheme.

Alfred Lee Lok-hang, STFA Leung Kau Kui College
More should be done about the environment, such as the wall effect and reduction of daily packaging materials. Switching to fluorescent light bulbs will help, but not to a significant extent.

Donald Tsang Hok-kan, STFA Leung Kau Kui College
He should give more help to the poor, and the services he is offering the elderly are too small in scale.

David Law, STFA Leung Kau Kui College
The policy address was not well-balanced. It focused on economic recovery but the development and promotion of our arts and culture were neglected. I think it should be more comprehensively detailed to improve our living standards.

Jamie Tam, Creative Secondary School
Pollution in Hong Kong is getting worse. Sometimes it is very smoggy. Maybe the government could change petrol-powered public transport to electric cars.

Law Fong-king
Our Chief Executive has promised us to resolve the universal suffrage issue. But he only talks about carrying out a public consultation for this. He should really take action.

Cheung Tze-chun
In Hong Kong, the queues for public housing are way too long. I think the policy address should have looked at this problem.

Hui Chi-shun
I think it is crucial for young people to be aware of the rights they have. But most do not know much them, so the Chief Executive should take action to promote children's rights.

Additional reporting by junior reporters Chan Chi-man, Hollie Chung, Joseph Ho, Page Leung, Karen Pun, Stephanie Siu, Emily Tsang, Wong Hok-yan, Yiu Shan-mei, Yu Ho-ting, Sam Tin Wai-chung

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