I hate PE, here's how to fake it


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By Abby Zhong, a mash correspondent and a senior at Westinghouse College Prep

PE can be the best part of your day or the class that you absolutely dread the most. It holds a variety of activities for different types of students. You have those that take PE way too seriously (it's not the Olympics, calm down).


Those who think they are too cool to participate, those who don't do anything because they claim to suck at sports and there's always that one kid who fakes numerous notes so he can be excused from class.

Throughout my years of PE, I learned some easy tricks to survive this horrendous nightmare. For example, I hate dodgeball with a passion. It involves so much work - kicking, running and trying not to get hit by the ball.


My academic life is already hard enough! I don't have time to deal with that. Since my PE teacher gives points for participation, I would mostly decide to kick or try to catch the ball when he's looking in my direction. Otherwise, you would find me in the back, hiding behind a group of students who knew what they were doing.

This method works for any sport - just blend in with a group of students who regularly participate and act like you know what's going on. You know what they say: Fake it till you make it.

When it's time for those awful exercise tests, I suck it up and do my best because I don't want to end up getting a bad grade, especially in PE. What's more embarrassing, not getting an A or B in PE or running pacers in front of other people?

I motivate myself during these tests by telling myself that exercise is good for me. Since I don't workout outside of school, it's basically the only effort I put into my "summer body."


Usually gym class is about 40 minutes long (if yours is longer, I'm praying for you). I've learned that no one in this class really pays attention to what others are doing. If you get hit in the face with a ball, just laugh it off.


People will forget about it once class is over, and I'm sure there will be other news out there that'll draw the attention away from you.

You have to be brave, even if the PE uniforms are the most disgusting pieces of clothing that have ever touched your body.


Find yourself a group of students that you can easily become friends with. 

They could motivate you to do better and allow you to realise that you're not alone. Also, remember that you're taking this class for the sake of your grades. So try, or act like you are trying.