A not-to-miss detour

YP junior reporter Sophie Cheung

An annual event of arts and fun has plenty to offer this year again

YP junior reporter Sophie Cheung |

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Do-it-yourself cardboard chairs part of the We Love My Chair exhibition
Detour will return this year at a great venue - the historic Victoria Prison on Old Bailey Street. The annual programme will also host more than 40 satellite events around town.

Detour is organised by the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a non-profit arm of the Hong Kong Design Centre. The yearly event showcases art, design and music. It also helps promote local and emerging talents. This year, Detour has worked in partnership with Japanese designers for a new look on the local art scene. Here are some of the highlights:

In the cross-cultural DeX programme, Hong Kong and Japanese designers visited each other's countries. Hong Kong designers worked on a theme called "Not Guilty". Prudence Mak of Chocolate Rain Design used pieces of fabric to create patchworks with words like "I should" and "I would" sewed on. It's the artist's interpretations of guilt. Yet despite the gloomy message, Prudence's artwork is full of bright colours. "I try to make my products happy," she said.

Japan-based Australian designer Nick Rennie created a piece that shows a frozen frame of drizzling rain. This conceptual design, he explained, reflects his childhood experiences of long dry spells without rain in his hometown of Melbourne. "Thirst for knowledge, and not being told to fit the norm" is what drives creativity, he added.

Don't miss the We Love My Chair exhibition, which showcases boxy cardboard chairs made by 50 designers and local school children.

You can make your own pinhole camera out of pieces of cardboard at a workshop on December 4 (English) and December 11 (Cantonese).

You can also enjoy a wide range of artistic performances and fun activities, including music by SuperDeluxe and Detour Kitchen cooking activities organised in collaboration with SML restaurant.

As Christmas time is approaching, organisers have set up more than 40 stalls to display and sell locally designed and unique handicrafts, They will make for perfect presents to friends and loved ones during the holidays.

The exhibition ends on December 12. For more information, visit www.detour.hk.

Sophie is a student at German Swiss International School