Dressed to thrill

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong ended on Tuesday and we saw a lot of creative and crazy cosplays. We asked our readers what character they would like to become in cosplay and why. Here are their answers ...

YP readers. Compiled by John Kang |

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1. Smartie pants

Sherlock Holmes, in his long dark coat. I would get to act smart, and could proudly ramble off every quote of the famous detective to irritate others, without even feeling sorry!

Karina Lai, 15


2. Soak this up

SpongeBob all the way! With his squeaky voice and colourful body, I'd be the most outstanding character. And cosplaying as SpongeBob would surely make children around me laugh. The question is, how do I get my friends to dress up as Patrick?

Erica Kwan, 16


3. Bright and cute

Pikachu. Why? It's cute! Pokemon is also a classic animation that everyone knows. And yellow certainly stands out from the crowd.

Nola Yip, 16


4. A love-hate thing

Taylor Swift! She's been the most loved and hated person for the past year. Maybe I'd get some chocolates thrown at me, too, not just eggs!

Doris Lam, 16


5. Bellisimo!

I'd like to dress up as Mario from the Super Mario series. It's just an excuse for me to put on a moustache and speak in an Italian accent.

Joy Pamnani, 14


6. Full of power

A Super Mushroom from the Super Mario series. How would Mario beat his enemies without a power-up from me?

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 18


7. Well-protected

I would love to cosplay as Iron Man, so that I could be completely anonymous and safe from aggressive mobs, and protected by my resilient armour.

Jade Lam, 16


8. Set me on fire

I'd like to be a dragon slayer! Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail would be the coolest. He can breathe fire, and eat fire and lightning.

Harry Cheng, 17


9. Hide and seek

I would like to cosplay as Wally from Where's Wally? because it would be fun to disappear into the crowd and make my friends look for me.

Giselle Chan Cheuk-ying, 17


10. Lazy days

I'd dress up as Snoopy so that I would have an excuse to lie around. If anyone asks, I can say I'm "in character".

Dennis Goodboy


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