What piece of clothing best describes you?

Lucy ChristieTim QiuKaram YooVeronica LinKarina PoonChereen NgBelinda Ng

This week, we asked our readers: What piece of clothing best describes you? Here are our favourite answers

Lucy ChristieTim QiuKaram YooVeronica LinKarina PoonChereen NgBelinda Ng |

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Tee for Tim!

I would choose a T-shirt to describe me, a tee for Tim, a casual, sporty dude. A T-shirt would definitely be “Tim-style”, as no matter where I am from, from Sweden to Singapore, or what season it is, summer or winter, you will always find me wearing a T-shirt (although I might be wearing a jacket on top)! White T-shirts, blue T-shirts, camo T-shirts, you name it! There are tonnes of T-shirts in my closet!

Tim Qiu, 12, King George V School

Skirting the issue

A skort. With a skort, you have two different pieces of clothing rolled into one, so there is more than meets the eye. It’s like how my facade of calmness conceals the inner klutz that I truly am.

Karam Yoo, 17, German Swiss International School


I would probably go with masks. I feel like I’m such a mysterious person with multiple personalities, and there’s always an element of surprise when I take my mask off. My teachers and friends are always surprised when they see me performing on stage, as I’m usually a very shy and quiet person. But when the mask comes off, I’m sort of “in my element”, and I could perform as if there is no one watching me.

Veronica Lin, 17, Hong Kong International School

Stretching your imagination

Jean-leggings, or jeggings. I always prefer jeggings over skin-tight denim jeans because I like their elasticity. I also don’t care much about my legs looking fat. That pretty much reflects my preference for comfort and convenience over looks.

Cece Wong, 18, STFA Leung Kau Kui College

Home comforts

Sweatpants! They are extremely comfortable, and perfect for wearing at home. And best of all, these “trackies” are super versatile, which is perfect for someone who never likes planning their outfits (ahem, me)!

Karina Poon, 16, South Island School

You bet your boots!

It would have to be boots – more specifically, Uggs. Yes, at first glance, they don’t look good, but they are really comfortable, making you feel warm and cozy. Many people end up liking them. I may not have the most memorable face and don’t really stand out from the crowd. But you’ll find that I’m pretty easygoing and welcoming. And hopefully, you’ll start warming to me.

Chereen Ng, 16, Good Hope School

All for the YP team

I would choose a T-shirt with the Young Post logo on it. This would show everyone that I’m proud to be a YP junior reporter, and that I love books! Also, my hobbies are reading and writing, so the YP T-shirt would represent me as a person while encouraging other students to follow my example and subscribe to the newspaper, sign up as a junior reporter, and be part of Hong Kong’s future generation of journalists!

The YP T-shirt also represents team spirit (one of my favourite qualities) because YP is like a big family!

Hillary Lo, 11, Sha Tin College

In the pink

My pink dress. Because on Wednesdays we wear pink.

Regina George, 18, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Worn down

A pair of battered crocs. Tacky and completely useless, they still exist in the homes and hearts of many people who need something to remind them of the good old days when things were much less complicated. Besides, throwing away foam is unsustainable.

Hua Yuk-ting, 17, South Island School

Joy with jeans 

I would definitely choose jeans. They go with any kind of shirt or top, and they are long-lasting. Also, they still look fashionable even if you accidentally rip them!

I love to explore the great outdoors – and that means getting a little bit dirty – so jeans are perfect for that!

Belinda Ng, 16, South Island School

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