Coronavirus: Who students miss from school during the class suspension


With online lessons in place for the last two months due to Covid-19, teens share the surprising people they miss from life before the pandemic.

From teachers to annoying classmates, it's the little things we miss the most.

Nicola Chan |

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With online learning the norm for the foreseeable future, what or who do you miss most from school?

After classroom learning was replaced by online lessons more than two months ago, Hong Kong’s secondary students are desperate to return to school to reunite with their dearly missed teachers and friends. Some told Young Post that they are even thinking about people they aren’t very close with, or they never thought they would miss. Here are some amusing, endearing and heartfelt confessions from eight local and international students. 

I miss my history teacher. He always encourages us to study – he talks about how hard he worked to earn his place at university – and reminds us that the DSE is all about having the right frame of mind and perseverance. There were times where I found him to be a bit annoying because he can be really talkative, but now I realise how much I need his motivational speeches because I am anxious –  and lacking confidence – about my DSE. I need someone like him to walk me through this difficult time.

A student surnamed Lo, 18, Sacred Heart Canossian College 

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The classmate I miss most during the school suspension is the girl who sits next to me. We are not very talkative but share this mutually respectful silence during lessons. It’s always good to have a buddy who is very focused and hard-working.

Bethany Chow Sze-yuet, 14,  St Mary’s Canossian College

“Why can’t you just listen?” I can’t describe how irritated I’ve felt saying this through gritted teeth and with a permanent scowl to the boy who sits behind me. Well, that was until I couldn’t any more. His shallow and pointed remarks – often at the despair of our poor teacher – were infectious, and left most of us chuckling. His lively laugh would bounce off the walls. The quarantine has made me miss almost everyone at school, including this boy who I once believed was the epitome of annoying.

Anna Oldenziel, 13, Chinese International School

I miss many of my peers and teachers. But the person I miss the most is my English teacher. He shows that learning English can be both fun and interesting by encouraging us to listen to interviews of our favourite idols. He  also organises different activities in school to raise our interest in learning the language. I still fondly remember playing Kahoot! (a multiple-choice game], where everyone would get super competitive and excited. I really miss attending English lessons with my friends!

Trisha Alexis, 16, The HKMA K.S. Lo College

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As we battle to contain the pandemic, I am reminded of my history teacher. I miss his lectures where he neatly analysed the causes and impact of different historical events while helping us  to brush up on our exam skills. His knowledge, as well as his style of teaching, made the subject truly interesting. If not for the school suspension, we might have gone on another field trip, too. I really miss my great teacher, who is also a companion in life.

Patrick Wong, 18, Sing Yin Secondary School

Ivan is the most competitive classmate I’ve ever known. He is obsessed with getting good grades in school. Although I have partnered with him in many interschool competitions, his behaviour scares me. He often screams hysterically, hits other classmates and smirks at me for no reason. When someone outperforms him in tests and exams, he gets so angry that he scratches his head like a lunatic. Frankly, not hearing his screams for two months, I do actually miss him. I hope we can both shine in the upcoming DSE exam.

Hugo Chan, 17, St Louis School

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At first, I really didn’t think I would miss anyone in particular because I enjoy being alone. But over time, I realised how much I miss all my teachers and friends, especially Phoebe, whom I’ve been friends with for a long time. I miss sharing lunch with her and hanging out with our mutual friends in the music room. I also miss us fan-girling and constantly chatting over YouTube videos.

Kristie Chan, 15, Sha Tin College

Of course I miss my best friends, but I was surprised to find myself thinking about a classmate, Olivia. I hadn’t considered us to be close, but now I remember the little interactions we had that brightened up my day. She was the one I looked to for a quick laugh, or to go buy some food. When I was with her, time seemed to fly by. 

Kylie Cheong, 17, St Paul’s Co-educational College

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