Self-love in a time of coronavirus: 'To Victoria Harbour'

Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhat
  • Three students from King George V School initiated ‘Umami’ - a series of poems and illustrations that speak to the hearts of Hong Kong youth today
  • They hope their works can be a source of comfort for readers as they navigate these hard-to-describe times
Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhat |

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Prioritise community and self-love.

“Fire with fire”, we are black speckled ash 
Vowing to not be remnants of vehemence 
But rather glorious cinders in our water dance. 
Swarming into streets; desperately we amass. 

But can Bauhinias bloom from corpses? 
No matter how much oil you add? No – 
Peppered tongues and disabled into rubber 
An “Eye for an eye,” that metallic murmur – 

Do not forget. That the frog from the well 
Was probably better off blind. Now tell us 
Of one golden sun. 
Of one blue ocean. 

So hey, dance in the in between . . . the untethered tides of our
             shimmering green, swaying

the first fisherman to the metropolis we live in. 
Unchanging. She stands under skyscrapers to understand.