JR ‘ Zine: A great place for teens to publish their writing and art

by Junior reporters
  • During the coronavirus lockdown, these Hong Kong students were inspired to create an online magazine as a form of expression to share their thoughts
  • It features photos, creating writing and other works that focus on the theme 'Reflection'
by Junior reporters |

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Reflection helps us contemplate the past and find ways to strive towards a brighter future. By understanding our past, we can gradually better ourselves and embrace what is in store for us. Please embark on a journey of self-reflection with our junior reporters in the very first volume of their online magazine.

JR'Zine is a monthly e-zine and an extension of the junior reporters club to provide both creative and editorial opportunities for students. Junior reporters are invited to express their written and visual creativity by submitting work in relation to the current theme, which is then edited by their peers.

If you would like to contribute to the next volume, email [email protected] with 'JR ' Zine' in the subject line.

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