Macao diversity celebrated

HK youths design itineraries to enjoy Macao in their own innovative ways


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Organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office, the “Innovation of Macao 2016” Itinerary Design Competition aimed to inspire the wonder of travel among local tertiary students, and to provide them with opportunities to immerse in cultures and lifestyles that can be quite different from Hong Kong, yet are just an hour’s ferry ride away.

It was also a way for students to learn beyond the classroom and share innovative ideas. Individuals or teams of two were invited to formulate a 2-day-1-night itinerary to Macao under the theme “Experience Macao Your Own Style”. While the itineraries must be realistic, creativity was one of the foremost judging criteria.

The entrants showed great promise delivering proposals in numerous multimedia formats including videos and web pages. Six winning entries were selected for their original ideas and won a fantastic Macao travel package.

With the travel prize, the students were able to put their ideas to the test. Their travel journals all showed a unique facet of Macao, a testament to the diversity of the city that merges the old and new impeccably.

Let’s have a look at the winning itineraries!

Taste and photography in Macao

Leung Hoi-ying & Leung Hoi-man

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sisters and Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) students Leung Hoi-ying and Leung Hoi-man won the grand prize of the competition with an itinerary that focuses on enjoying Macao in a leisurely way.

The duo believes that nowadays the city has become an international gourmet paradise. Their proposal aims to present another side of Macao, and show how Hong Kong people, who love to eat and relax, can savour a weekend in Macao taking in the simple pleasures.

Wandering around Macao could be an eye-opening experience, as there is an interesting contrast in Macao’s cityscape. Hoi-ying said: “We were most impressed with the city’s architecture. We observed that there is a big difference between the residential and tourist areas. The buildings are modern with lots of gold colours in the tourist areas, where they sell mostly famous brand names and jewellery. Conversely, the buildings in residential areas are quite old and quaint.”

They recommend visiting Tealosophy Tea Bar and Putajanai for egg tarts, two local eateries for serious foodies.


Grill Burger House - Tealosophyà - Isaac Toast - Senado Squareà - KIKA Japanese gelato - Ruins of St. Paul's - Koi Kei - The Venetian - The Parisian Macao - Taipa Market - Portvgália

Artistic Macao

Leung Wai-ying & Kuang Hui-bing

Chinese University of Hong Kong

The itinerary designed by CUHK students Leung Wai-ying and Kuang Hui-bing focuses on the arts and cultures of Macao, which are not often at the top of people’s mind when they think of “Las Vegas of the East”.

“A visitor to Macao should first experience Portuguese architecture and the Matsu (Goddess of the Sky) culture. The garish architecture of Portugal shows the openness and wild side of Macao, while the Matsu temples can tell you how vehemently Macao is holding on to tradition. It is important that you walk around the small streets and local neighbourhoods to feel the generosity and kindness of the people,” said Wai-ying.

The team unearthed a hidden gem during their trip. “There is a graffiti themed park behind Saint Dominic's Church. It is a place to appreciate contemporary art and Macao artists, and to take plenty of beautiful photos. The murals were very impressive and gave me a totally different view of Macao.”


The Venetian Macao - Rua do Cunha - Tin Hau Temple - Macao Cultural Centre - Doca dos Pescadores de Macau - Centro de Ecuménico Kun Iam - Torre de Macau - Ruínas de São Paulo

Eat, drink and be merry in Macao

Tsiu Hiu-kwan

City University of Hong Kong

Tsoi Hiu-kwan, student of the City University of Hong Kong, came up with an itinerary that is all about fun and discovery, with a long list of foodie establishments for local eats and famous sights.

She said: “I changed my impression of Macao after this trip. I tasted Michelin recommended street foods, visited different shopping malls, and listened to street music. I could feel the love of local NGOs and the government when I saw how hard they try to improve people’s lives and maintain the various world heritage sites.”

If Hiu-kwan were to bring friends to Macao, she would first take them to Senado Square, the heart of Macao where you can find famous snacks, lots of shopping and also breathtaking scenery. “Next I would bring them to Sands Cotai Central to enjoy the facilities and service.”


Coloane Library - Chapel of St.Francis Xavier - The Taipa Houses Museum - Taipa Market - St. Lawrence’s Church - Mandarin’s House - Sai Van Lake Square - Ruins of St. Paul's - Travessa da Paixão - Senado Square - Happiness Street (Rua da Felicidade) - Macau Fisherman's Wharf