Join Young Post on Facebook Live on Tuesday, Oct 4 for News Engagement Day!

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Have you ever wondered about the news industry and what it's like to be a modern working journalist? Join us to find out more!

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Is news as important now as it was then? Come join the discussion on our Facebook Live video!

October 4 is News Engagement Day!  To celebrate it, Young Post editor Susan Ramsay will be on Facebook Live to talk about why news is important, what journalists do, why she chose to become a journalist, and what the future of journalism entails.

Tune in to our Facebook page on October 3 at 4pm. The video will then be available on our website's video page and Facebook page on News Engagement Day, which is Tuesday, October 4, for teachers to access in class. Or you can watch it with your classmates and discuss the issues!

If you have questions about news, journalism and being a journalist, email us at [email protected], and we'll answer them in the Facebook Live video, or in the one we'll film the following day.