Script: Listening Exercise 61

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Bobby works at a civic centre and part of his job is leasing the centre’s facilities for outside organisations to use. He got to work this morning and found four voice mails about bookings for the small hall for the month of June.

Voice mail 1

Good morning, this is Betty Chow from the Hong Kong Cats Association calling about the booking I made with you last week. Reference number DT43653. I booked your small hall for a fund raising second hand sale on Thursday, June 3rd. We will need the hall from five in the evening until eight. Could you please provide us with ten tables? We did mention this last week. I don’t know how many people will turn up but could we have about thirty chairs placed around the hall? We also need refreshments. You did say that you could provide a booth selling tea and coffee and snacks. Could you call me back on 3454 4498, please? Thanks.

Voice mail 2

This is a message for Bobby regarding the booking of your small hall for Wednesday, June 16th. I’m Becky Ho from Hong Kong Youth Design. My assistant spoke to you a couple of days ago about the fashion show we are organising. We will need the hall all afternoon and evening from two until ten. The booking reference you gave is HG34356. We’ve sold over a hundred tickets so could you please provide chairs for a hundred and fifty? And we need a platform in the middle of the hall. I’ll send you a plan tomorrow. We don’t need any refreshments from you, but could you please provide kitchen facilities for the outside caterers? Can you please call me back on 5432 9912. Thanks. Speak to you soon.

Voice mail 3

This is Louisa Tan from Star Cooking School. We spoke a couple of weeks ago about the cookery demonstration we are organising in your small hall on Friday, June 18th. I hope you remember. Here’s the reference number you gave. NB 56432. I want to confirm our booking. We need the hall for four hours from midday. Could you please arrange the seating in rows facing the large windows? We will need two large tables set up in front of the windows, two of the biggest tables you have available. Could you also make sure that there are electrical sockets at this end of the hall for our cooking equipment? I'll give you a call to confirm.

Voice mail 4

Good morning, Bobby. It’s Maggie Lee from Glen Photography Club. I’m calling to confirm our booking of your small hall for Monday, June 7th. You remember... our annual photo exhibition? This is the reference number you gave me. MK 87651. We will need a couple of hours to set up before people start to arrive so could I make the booking for five o’clock until nine? Thanks. Could we have about twenty pin-boards arranged on the walls as we discussed? You said you could provide these. And we need two tables near the door and six display boards in the middle of the hall. You said you could provide these as well. Can you call me back sometime on 7654 3221. Thanks.