The good and bad of Halloween sweets

By YP junior reporters

YP's junior reporters know you don't want to waste money on Halloween candy that tastes like witch's brew, so they've offered some tips

By YP junior reporters |

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Next week is the only day of the year when you can dress up like a monster and ask for candy from strangers without them looking at you strangely. Yes, it's Halloween!

With so many different sweets, but just one stomach, you need to know which ones taste the best. Young Post's junior reporters sacrificed their taste buds to test out some of the Halloween goodies out there for you, and here's what they thought ...


Be afraid of this ghost 

Nestle Milkybar Ghost (1pc) - HK$12.90

As you peel off the packaging, the chocolate's smell hits you: a rich, creamy, mellow scent that made me rip off the foil with even more gusto. Sadly, the taste doesn't live up to the smell. There is a strong medicinal flavour, which is very dehydrating. Fortunately the ghost is completely hollow, so there isn't much chocolate. The overdone packaging seems to be an attempt to make up for the lack of substance inside. Save these for the bratty trick-or-treater who keeps asking for more. 

Anirudh Kannan


Cadbury Crunchy Spiders (1pc) - HK$7.90

This milk chocolate with crisped rice is perfect for Halloween. Its spider shape and green-coloured rice crisps add a hint of spookiness, making it ideal for trick-or-treating. The chocolate has the perfect consistency - it's smooth and melts in your mouth. It's also neither too sweet nor too dark, which makes it especially moreish. The taste of the green rice is questionable, though. The salty crunchiness offers a nice contrast to the chocolate, but it seems so different from the chocolate, the two don't seem to belong together. 

But the overall look and taste make up for that minor flaw, and is worth the price. 

Cynthia Huang

Gummies in your tummies

Haribo Horror Mix - HK$26

The design on the packaging paints a scary night, complete with ghosts, skeletons and vampires - absolutely fitting for the season. The gummies are even shaped like bats and spiders, making them all the more appealing. Though Haribo claims their gummies contain "no artificial colours", they definitely taste artificial. But I like them: sweet and juicy, great for little children and trick-or-treaters.

You get two huge handfuls of gummies in each bag, so I'm sure these will be very popular during the trick-or-treat frenzy. 

Sophie Mak

Biting into these is a bad idea 

Cadbury Vampire Bites (8pcs) - HK$30

The packaging is cool, but that's the only nice thing I can say about this shameful product. It looks and tastes like a poor imitation of an Orion Choco Pie. First, there's a chocolate layer, which tasted like plastic. Then, there's the marshmallow core, which was damp and also tasted like plastic. And last and certainly the least - the filling. From the packaging, you'd think it would be some kind of strawberry syrup, but it just tastes like a weird mixture of strawberry jam and dark chocolate milkshake from McDonald's. I craved water after eating it because it was so sugary. 

The worst thing? For your HK$30 you get eight of these monstrosities.

Henry Chan

Swampy yet sweet

Cadbury Screme Egg (1pc) - HK$5.90

As I removed the toxic green wrapper, I was expecting to find something scary or weird. It's neither. 

I was a bit disappointed at first bite, because the chocolate tasted like any from your average  Easter egg. But the filling was interesting, making this ordinary-looking chocolate egg worthy for Halloween.

The filling is green and it reminds me of a puddle of swamp water. It tastes like sweet icing, but with a more condensed texture. It's rather fun to eat, and considering its low price, it's a reasonable treat.

Hillary Chung