From the mosh pit of Lion Rock Festival 2015

By junior reporter Su Yu-an

This year's Lion Rock Festival offered up some serious talent to the gods of rock. Here are some of HK's most impressive new acts

By junior reporter Su Yu-an |

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Rock on! The audience at Lion Rock Festival 2015

Billed as an encore to last year's triumphant event, Lion Rock: The Music Festival 2015 proved to be one of the most successful yet. Last month's concert raised the bar again, showcasing the best student bands in Hong Kong in front of an audience of 500 people.

The organisers had not only made sure the best bands were playing, but also that a diverse range of genres was represented, meaning there was something for everyone and every taste, and lots of new sounds to discover, too.

"Bigger and better" was the motto of the committee, which sought to ensure that the success of last year was built on. More posters and promotional videos were created, while a Facebook page proved vital to spreading the word and attracting new fans.

Thanks to catering sponsors The South African Shop, there was more than enough food on offer to satisfy the bopping hordes.

As just one of many local music events, which also include the larger Clockenflap and YRock, Lion Rock is a student-led festival which gives the city's younger acts a platform to make themselves known.

This year, a recording contract and the chance to perform on the big stage at October's Clockenflap festival was on the table for one band, meaning the competing acts brought their A-games to be in with a chance of winning such an invaluable opportunity.

By the early evening of June 19, the King George V School hall was packed with people of all ages ready for a good time. The guitars screamed, the drums pounded, and the air became layered with different styles as each group offered up their souls.

The atmosphere was electric as the crowd - a mix of hardcore rock fans and more casual listeners - danced, sang and cheered in front of a stage lit up by the constant flash of coloured lights.

A well-balanced blend of genres presented something for everyone to enjoy - from the funk and blues of James' Secret, to the heavy metal of the Pansies, and the classic rock of Rifles and Riots.

All the bands had a unique flair and creativity: Rifles and Riots started the night off strong with covers of classic rock songs, then Jaded electrified the crowd with an onslaught of loud punk music.

James' Secret followed up with a more mellow performance, an infectious medley of funk and blues. Next up, the Glass Onions lit up the audience with their incredible stage presence, and the Whales delivered a winning combination of stunning vocals, red-hot guitar and drum solos.

The Charringtons offered their take on old favourites, and Stune excited the audience with their unique sound, before the Pansies rounded off the night with a strain of heavy metal that left the amps booming.

Lion Rock Music Festival 2015 was a major success, with an audience wowed by a line-up of stellar local acts, tens of thousands of dollars raised for charity.

Here's hoping that next year's festival will take things to the next level, and that hopes it can grow into a fully fledged music festival soon become a reality.