Angharad Hampshire

With fires raging in California and smog blanketing Asian capitals, here are three ways to ensure your family can breathe clean air. We look at air purifiers, face masks and more holistic approaches

Caught between unscrupulous employment agencies and an apathetic government, many Hong Kong domestic helpers find themselves locked in a vicious cycle of poverty, write Angharad Hampshire and Georgia Feldmanis

With its paltry maternity/paternity leave, inflexible working hours and lack of breastfeeding support at the office, Hong Kong is failing new parents, reports Angharad Hampshire.


The protected wetlands of Pui O on Lantau are being ruined by illegal construction waste dumping and, as usual, civil servants are turning a blind eye,  as villagers eye the profits of development,

Hong Kong's ideal geology and sheer beauty have got rock climbers hooked on the city's cliffs and crags. They tell Post Magazine what makes Hong Kong special for climbing and where they like to practise the sport. 

The Hong Kong Cancer Fund's Sally and Robert Lo reflect on nearly 30 years spent helping Hong Kong patients overcome and live with cancer. 

Clean air remains a long way off in most of the world's cities. From purifiers to a positive attitude, we explore the best defences available for our lungs.

The British photographer talks to Angharad Hampshire about documenting the last women in China with bound feet.

The British stand-up comedian tells Angharad Hampshire about chameleons, underdogs and hitting the perfect pitch.

Failed by the system, many domestic helpers are forced into debt bondage - or modern-day slavery - by unscrupulous recruiters. Now, an ethical employment agency is seeking to protect them.

It's laborious, time-consuming and often frustrating work, but for botanical artist Sally Grace Bunker, the task of immortalising 100 of Hong Kong's most significant trees - bud, bark, flower and all - in a book collaboration with HKU, is well worth the effort, writes Angharad Hampshire.

With children the most at risk from Hong Kong's air pollution, some families have reluctantly packed up and left behind friends and comfortable lifestyles.


All the expanding and stretching that takes place during pregnancy takes its toll on the skin, feet and back. At seven months, my bump is beginning to weigh me down, and aches and pains are emerging.

If my husband and I disagree about something, we can usually compromise easily. But we've reached an impasse over baby names.

Recently, we held a children's party, which was a great success. However, one person seemed a little less than enthralled by the event - my 18-month-old son, Tom.

There is a lot of talk these days about that nebulous thing called work-life balance. In Hong Kong's culture of long working days, it's easy to fall off the tightrope and feel like you're doing neither very well.