Charukesi Ramadurai
Charukesi Ramadurai
Charukesi Ramadurai is an Indian freelance journalist writing on culture and current affairs.

Journalist Paul Salopek, 58, is halfway through his journey following in the footsteps of early mankind from Africa to Argentina. Trapped in Myanmar by Covid-19 restrictions, he tells us what he has discovered so far.

Indian housewives recalled how their grandmothers used peel and rind to make dishes and preserves when the country locked down because of coronavirus and families had to stretch their food supplies.

Part of the legendary Vijayanagar empire, Hampi was once a prosperous city, and its shrines, monuments and forts bear witness to centuries of history. A new airport nearby and luxury hotel openings have now put it on the global travel map.

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You’ve braved the crowds, seen the iconic monument and got your selfie. Now it’s time to explore what else Agra has to offer, from markets and street food in the old town to Agra Fort and an abandoned 17th century city


Victoria Lautman travelled through the wastelands of western India to document ancient water-harvesting systems – brilliant examples of ancient engineering, now largely forgotten

Beaches, wellness, nature, spirituality, wildlife, history – whichever’s your thing, India, with its varied landscape and wealth of heritage, has options to suit every holidaymaker

Get to know the rich and varied tastes of the subcontinent with a structured tour, a culinary home-stay or a food-centred trip – and the options are as vast as the cuisine

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It's raining remakes in Bollywood. It is no secret that mainstream Hindi cinema thrives on stories lifted straight from the highly prolific south Indian film industry...

It's a fact that most of India celebrates the holy Khan triumvirate (Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh) on celluloid.