Chermaine Lee
Chermaine Lee
An introverted journalist, Hong Kong-bred Chermaine Lee pushes her boundaries every day to cover political, social, environmental issues. Her bylines appear in SCMP, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, Thomson Reuters, Deutsche Welle, BuzzFeed, among others.

Chef Sunny Zie recalls the week he spent cooking for more than 1,000 anti-government protesters during the siege of Hong Kong Polytechnic University a year ago this month.

Hong Kong love-seekers thrilled at being asked out on dates by online suitors are finding themselves being pushed to buy things like expensive massage and beauty packages when they meet – and plenty are falling for it.

Pride and Hong Kong’s patriarchal society mean men are less likely to seek help than women when it comes to being homeless. Women are generally more willing to talk and try to understand how they can improve their situation.

From eczema sufferers to dementia patients, rising temperatures and more common extreme weather events lead to more hospital admissions for mental disorders in subtropical cities such as Hong Kong.

Hentai means ‘perverse sexual desire’, and can feature anything from huge sex organs to alien tentacles. Experts say Hongkongers’ conservatism and love of Japanese culture, as well as a lack of sex education, drives their interest in it.