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Nina Kothari keeps a low profile, but as sister to Mukesh, Asia’s richest man, and Anil, who went from billionaire to bankrupt, she’s busy acting as her family’s peacemaker


Once one of the richest people in the world, the 61-year-old businessman would have faced jail if his big brother hadn’t bailed him out – but he’s hardly an idle soul

Worth more than Madonna, Céline Dion and Beyoncé, Rihanna’s canny business sense and work-work-work-work ethic have contributed to her almighty fortune as much as her peerless musical talents and formidable stage prowess

Worth US$170 million, Durant is one of the top 10 richest basketball players of all time – but his money doesn’t just go on mansions and fast cars

He might be regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the world today, but the former interim lightweight champ is worth a lot less than UFC contemporaries like Conor McGregor

Ambani is worth nearly US$41 billion, doesn’t drink and loves his family, including twins Isha and Akash, but what habits make him so successful?


She was the lead in the Oscar-nominated movie Knives Out and despite being a woman of colour will play Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic Blonde, but what else is there to know about the Spanish-speaking actress?

A devout Muslim and the first contestant in the Miss USA pageant to wear a burkini, Halima Aden also has her own clothing line and puts a premium on humanitarian work

The reigning UFC Lightweight Champion isn’t just the fighter who beat flamboyant hardman McGregor, he’s a charitable guy, too – with plans to raise millions for children in Africa

His paycheck rivals the biggest Bollywood stars and his social media has millions of followers, but there is more to Varun Dhawan than just another hot Instagram photo

Khurrana prefers films with unconventional subject matter such as erectile dysfunction, a man who finds his calling at a sperm bank and dealing with premature hair loss

Fans can buy Deepika Padukone’s favourite items and accessories via a ‘wardrobe’ on her website, with proceeds going to her Live Love Laugh Foundation which promotes awareness of mental health issues