Euan McKirdy

From cruelly chained elephants to drugged tigers, animal cruelty is rife in the travel industry – but Covid-19 disruption offers a golden opportunity to reset socially minded travel as the new normal – here’s 5 experiences to try

Mexico’s rich and eclectic cultural history is on display in the country’s capital at these quirky museums, cataloguing everything from chocolate to torture, toys to everyday objects.


Ayuchi Momose opened her bar to share her expertise of rice wine. She talks to Euan McKirdy.

Across the Taiwan Strait, there is a real appetite for growth, largely fuelled by the tech sector - something that is having a knock-on effect on social enterprises (SEs) that have the potential to fill the gap left by a sluggish public sector.

Sharing deep cultural and political links, Taiwan and Hong Kong are, in many ways, more closely connected than other parts of Greater China. While their relationship has often strayed into economic rivalry, the two places continue to recognise each other's importance - and hopes are high that there will be a new era of co-operation.

It is unlikely that the first Europeans to reach California had complex, layered and characterful pinot noirs from small, boutique wineries on their minds. But some of the early settlers' frontier spirit remains in Sonoma county, the larger, more geographically diverse wine-producing cousin of neighbouring Napa.

Choosing the right cleanser can make a world of difference to your skin, writes Enrico Dee.

Asian women aren’t the only ones looking to put their best face forward, writes Euan McKirdy.