Jae Berman
Jae Berman is a columnist for the Washington Post. She is a registered dietitian, a personal trainer and owner of Jae Berman Nutrition.

Breathing through the nose has advantages over mouth breathing: it allows more oxygen to be released and filters allergens. It also helps with relaxation, lowers stress and speeds up recovery from exercise.

Most people take on impossible challenges for the new year and fail miserably after a short time. The ‘four stages of competency’ method teaches us to take our resolutions through four phases.

A long-term study on more than 100,000 people has shown that following five low-risk lifestyle steps will help women live an average of 14 years longer and men an extra 12 years.

You’ve done the exercise, cut the portions, and lost weight, but why are you still starving? A dietitian explains how you can better manage your ongoing struggle with hunger with these helpful tips 


Fewer than half of Hongkongers get enough exercise. Many blame this on their hectic lives and not being able to visit the gym, but as these mini workouts show, a few minutes a day can make all the difference

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on our state of mind and our cardiovascular health, but many people are exercise-averse. Start simply by standing up properly, then walk mindfully and follow these 10 steps to success

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