Jason Hung
Jason Hung
Jason hung is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Cambridge.

With vaccine hesitancy high amid supply delays, the government must get its act together if Thailand is to reach herd immunity this year and not imperil the “Phuket Sandbox” and other similar tourism reopening schemes.


In Asia, many people put academics over health and fitness, but this is changing. Four young professionals discuss their exercise regimes, motivation and goals.

Promising young Asian adults across the globe open up about ‘impostor syndrome’, a psychological pattern of chronic self-doubt that makes it hard to celebrate their own successes.

Digital platform Asians in Britain shares backgrounds from across the country, providing role models who can show young people that their dreams are achievable and their struggles manageable.


An influx of Chinese offshore gambling employees in Metro Manila is pushing up rents. Reports of locals being forced out of their homes, political tensions and fears about the coronavirus are increasing anti-Chinese sentiment.

Harvard is one of the world’s most prestigious universities and its apparel is not cheap. But that doesn’t matter to many Asian buyers, who want to align themselves with the famous brand even though they’re not alumni.

Shaking hands, offering a gift, giving or receiving something, eating, pointing or touching someone in Indonesia? You’d better not use your left hand – it’s the one locals traditionally use to clean themselves after going to the toilet.

For many Chinese people Australia can seem like an unwelcoming place, but women like 23-year-olds Emmelyn Wu and Yifan Wang are working to develop cultural exchange opportunities and promote Chinese culture.

Axing the live-in rule and two-week deadline to leave the city after a contract expires could help reduce the number and severity of helper abuse cases, Jason Hung says.

Hong Kong Chinese respondents to a survey say fear of rejection is the main reason they conceal their gay identities from their families. Parents need education and support to understand their children’s sexual orientation.

Taiwanese bubble tea has taken the world by storm, and has become an Instagram and Facebook hit. The tapioca tea, however, is far from healthy, with eight to 18 spoonfuls of sugar in each cup.

Being in a relationship with an ethnic Chinese man, or just admitting to having feelings for one, can require courage for Muslim women in Indonesia. It presents them with many social, cultural and religious obstacles.

Imagine a world in which people are accepted as they are, and Asians don’t have to be typecast as nerds or kung-fu fighters. A film like Crazy Rich Asians brings Asian-Americans a little closer to that.

Ethnic minorities’ quest to have their rights recognised in Hong Kong starts with Hongkongers ending their master-servant relationship with domestic helpers, and being more than just good bosses.

Pressure from parents to go to a good university and get a well-paying job is exacerbated for those with mental health issues, who often define success very differently – such as by having normal, healthy interactions with others.