Johan Augustin

Efforts to shore up defences against rising waters include building sea walls and wells, clearing the waterways and greening urban areas. Yet its northern slums continue to be inundated.

About an hour from Sweden’s capital city lies a network of islands – some blissfully tranquil, offering an easy escape from the urban environment.

For Finns, a sauna is a routine ritual to be enjoyed with friends old and new. Public saunas abound, but on Helsinki Sauna Day, locals invite you into their personal sweaty spaces.

Relatively unscathed by climate breakdown, these remote idylls are a diver’s paradise Marvel at the perfect ‘pansies’ that lent their name to an island - just don’t take one home


South Korea is pioneering new AI applications, with robots on trial at Incheon airport, but will these flights of futuristic fancy provide valuable public services or pose a dystopian threat to society?

The Korean peninsula was left denuded by decades of colonial rule, war and hardship, but today forest cover in South Korea is double the global average, and it aims to export its green expertise across the 38th Parallel.