Leslie Fong
Leslie Fong

A look at conflicts between reigning and rising powers over the past 500 years shows a war is inevitable, and may explain why the US wants to destroy Huawei.

Demands for compensation evoke painful memories of past humiliations by foreigners - and these are not the only lessons from history showing the West cannot be trusted.


The chief executive’s overriding responsibility is to restore order and sanity to Hong Kong, without which all talk of reconciliation, housing reform, job creation and so on is moot. This means taking bold action to shock and awe.

In a hearing last week, Joshua Wong and other activists urged the US Congress to pass an act that will punish the city’s leaders for stifling freedoms.

Thoughtful Singaporeans are deeply saddened that Hong Kong’s social fabric has been torn asunder through cynical and calculated social and political agitation, writes Leslie Fong.

China’s collective memory of a century of humiliation by foreign powers has steeled its resolve. American politicians do not understand the power of national self-esteem that underpins Chinese resilience, writes Leslie Fong.

America has a history of broken promises in the region, so it’s likely the Koreas, Japan and Taiwan are watching his abrupt withdrawal from the war-torn nation closely

Leslie Fong remembers one of his contemporaries in journalism – the celebrated wuxia novelist known as Jin Yong, a literary great who taught him not only Chinese, but ethics, too

Tariffs are just the opening salvo in America’s battle to slow China’s rise, a head-on collision that China’s leaders have long seen coming. Beijing won’t be caught napping.

It may have just been a throwaway line for President Moon Jae-in in the afterglow of the Korean summit, but many could mistakenly take it literally – Trump among them. If anyone deserves the prize, it’s Moon himself.

The imperialist US pot just cannot accept the Chinese kettle may not be black. But it is American hegemony – sorry, leadership – that is the true force in need of balancing.