Samantha Cheh

They launched chocolate and butter mooncakes in Malaysia and at their peak turned out 100,000 a year; now couple and their daughter work at a smaller scale, hand-making the seasonal treats in batches as small as four dozen.

Indigenous Penan communities in Malaysian Borneo are building a life for their youth by using the traditional weaving techniques they are known for to sell a variety of goods through local charity Helping Hands Penan.

Patani, Yala and Narathiwat, mainly Muslim, Malay-speaking provinces in Buddhist majority Thailand, are the focus of an art show in Kuala Lumpur prompted by the curiosity of curators from the north of the country

Prime Minister Najib Razak made 2018 Women Empowerment Year, but its goals are not new; activists say empowerment means tackling discrimination and harassment and acknowledging women’s burden of care in the home


Chinese labourers flocked to Ipoh in the late 19th century chasing dreams of wealth. One archivist is doing his best to preserve the culture and lifestyle of the town’s tin mining golden age, but faces a number of challenges

With Chinese culture in Malaysia under pressure and their work not recognised as part of the nation’s literary canon, many writers have since the 1960s chosen to leave for Taiwan, where they find acceptance and appreciation.

With laws passed to curtail their freedom, fatwa issued against them, little chance of reassignment surgery and no legal access to hormones, transgender people in Malaysia rely on support groups and the internet for help and guidance