Sourabh Gupta
Sourabh Gupta
Sourabh Gupta is a senior fellow at the Institute for China-America Studies in Washington

The containment strategy was unveiled 75 years ago, during the ideological conflict between Western capitalism and Soviet socialism. This strategy simply wouldn’t be effective against ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ and a Chinese economy that will outstrip that of the US.


Twelve months ago the US president dined with Xi Jinping in the Forbidden City. Now, he’s nowhere to be seen even at the height of summit season. Just like its leader, US influence is at risk of disappearing

Pope Francis has pulled off a landmark deal by getting Beijing to recognise the Vatican’s influence – and his approach may impart valuable lessons to the Dalai Lama, should there be any hope for reconciliation with Tibet on the cards.

The two have moved in entirely opposite directions over the past six weeks when it comes to fulfilling the bilateral obligations stemming from their May 19 agreement.

Despite its many critics, the Trump-Kim summit paves the way to peace on the Korean peninsula by avoiding the pitfalls of deadlines and demands – the diplomats will work all that out later.

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulates a vision of his country’s role as a stabilising force in an Indo-Pacific regional order currently in flux.

The US-China stand-off is over after both leaders sent top officials to hash out a deal that would end their quarrels over trade, investment and intellectual property rights.

A meeting between Presidents Xi and Modi in Wuhan that lowered temperatures on the China-India border will be remembered as the moment the countries began a fresh, virtuous cycle in relations.

The inter-Korea summit brings the greatest chance for peace since the 1953 armistice. Grasping it requires more than Pyongyang dismantling WMDs. It needs Koreans to realise it is they alone who can determine their destiny.

Aside from a few technicalities, Washington doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on accusing Beijing of unfair trade practices, and most in the know – meaning not the US president – are well aware of that fact.

The omens have been there since a reality TV star took an unlikely tilt at the US presidency. Now Donald Trump is reaching for the trade gun in his holster. Make no mistake: the China-US trade war is finally upon us.

Rather than dictatorship, the Chinese president’s first-term record reveals a charismatic leader whose every action appears aimed at sustaining collective authority.