Coates didn't expect his long essay to become the runaway success it has but reckons he was lucky the national conversation turned in his direction


Animals exposed to tourists on a regular basis become less vigilant for predators and dangerously trusting of humans, allowing poachers to profit.

A camp that teaches children who stutter to embrace their voices gets a boost from a fellow proud stutterer's charity bike rides

"She’s got amazing taste, and she works with an incredible design team.  I tried not to let it freak me out," says award-winning costume designer for TV show, now in its fifth year.

US$10-an-hour part-time professor of philosophy at American university forced to live like a monk, friend says after his death; recent report found a quarter of part-time academics in US receive public assistance such as food stamps.

Turn 10 Studios’ new driving title is simply the greatest racing game ever – nothing else comes close


Filmmaker and her partners seek a 'Life Magazine for the internet age' in Field of Vision, which will commission short-form documentaries and stream them free of charge.

The writer of Into Thin Air, the bestseller about the 1996 disaster on the world's highest peak in which eight climbers died, says an incident in the film involving him never happened, and bemoans the fact its makers didn't consult him. 

The first recognisable video game character, launched in Super Mario Bros 30 years ago this month,  did for video games what Mickey Mouse did for cartoons. Gaming has coming a huge distance since.


The Mad Max video game begins much like the films: Max awakens after being beaten to within an inch of his life by a murderous band of angry Australians. He has no tools or car. The savages even stole his sweet jacket.


Former spook Philip Houston has written a book about how to use spy agency techniques to get your nearest and dearest to come clean about stuff - though he's not suggesting you treat them as national security threats.

Practising mindfulness can help couples 'be in the moment' with each other and accept their reactions to the other's actions without passing judgment.

When a teenager rolls their eyes during a conversation, a parent should control the urge to call out the behaviour and instead wait until the reaction stops before continuing the conversation.

We may think we are showing love for our four-legged friends by spoiling them with food and treats, but in fact we're doing them no favours.

Head of company that restored neo-realist classics Pather Panchali and its sequels says it's "the hardest thing we've ever done". 


The chairman of Temple University's physics department lost his leadership post on Friday, one day after federal authorities accused him of illegally sharing sensitive US technology with entities in China.

Study finds that UK and US children suffer much more psychologically if they've been pushed around by their peers than if they suffer child abuse.

The videos started in 2004. The speaker on the tape wore a head scarf that covered everything, but his eyes. He identified himself as "Azzam the American" and spoke for an hour, warning of the impending violence that would wash US streets with blood.

In what may be a first for a long-extinct non-human animal, scientists have assembled the complete genome of the woolly mammoth, gaining insight into why the last surviving population of the great beasts may have disappeared.

New research has shown - again - childhood immunisations do not contribute to a child's risk of developing autism, only days after vaccine sceptics flexed their political muscle in California's Legislature.

A Mercury-like body smashed into a young earth and gave our planet's core the radioactive elements necessary to generate a magnetic field, two Oxford geochemists say.

Research shows that early intervention is beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder, but on average children aren't diagnosed until age four or five. That's about two years later than is possible, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Part of that delay is undoubtedly because autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that has widely ranging symptoms from mild to severe. Also, any symptoms a child is experiencing may not be immediately evident in toddlers.

It turns out that the GPS sensors built into most smartphones are sensitive enough to detect the earliest signs of quakes that are magnitude 7 and stronger, new research shows.

Health officials say that more than 100 people in southeastern Indiana have tested positive for HIV, an expansion of an outbreak that caused the state to declare a health emergency last month.

Short people have an increased risk of coronary artery disease. Scientists have established this link in several large studies, and a new one shows that it is not just a coincidence.

It is a lunar mystery that has lingered for decades: If the moon is made of material from another planetary body that crashed into earth, why is its chemical fingerprint so similar to that of our planet?

As the frozen Arctic soil known as "permafrost" thaws, it could release large amounts of carbon - in the form of both carbon dioxide and methane - to the atmosphere.

Four oil-rich Arab nations, all with histories of philanthropy to United Nations and Middle Eastern causes, have donated vastly more money to the Clinton Foundation than they have to most other private charities.

Turkey and Pakistan, two of the biggest military powers in the Muslim world, have launched a diplomatic initiative in an effort to prevent the conflict in Yemen exploding into a regional one.

Research has shown that a person's position in the economic pecking order can have a lasting effect on cognitive development. But can it also affect the size and shape of the brain?

Electroconvulsive therapy remains a powerful and fast-acting salve for patients whose depression does not yield to lesser treatments, and now researchers believe they know why.

The internet and modern genetics have been a pair of high-wattage searchlights slicing through one of the darkest periods of modern human history: more than three centuries of conquest, slave trade and population displacement in the Americas.

The Hollywood actress has won plaudits for using her star power to raise awareness about the options open to women in battling cancer.

Los Angeles police spent US$22,000 (HK$170,000) and weeks of planning to take a convicted killer and notorious Mexican Mafia shot-caller from custody so he could give a talk to business executives - and they didn't even have the authority to do so.

The previously mysterious hairs that surround mammals' eyes keep dust out and prevent evaporation, and they're the perfect length, scientists find.

When Zimbabwean game farmer Tendai Musasa speaks about his president, Robert Mugabe, his voice softens with joyful pride.

University admission season ignites deep anxieties for Asian-American families, who spend more than any other demographic on education.

When Leonard Nimoy was approached to act in a new television series called Star Trek, he was - like any good Vulcan contemplating a risky mission in a chaotic universe - dispassionate.

A university student leader was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old female student in what prosecutors said was part of a re-enactment of scenes from the film 50 Shades of Grey.

Former National Security Agency official Thomas Drake became a symbol of the dangers whistleblowers face when they help journalists and the US Congress investigate wrongdoing at intelligence agencies.

Once a source of fortune for Japanese fishermen hunting sea lions and abalone, a pair of remote rocks is now stopping the United States' two biggest allies in Asia from getting along.

Most Asian immigrants who are eligible for the United States' protection from deportation programme have not signed up to the scheme more than two years since it was launched.

A strain of HIV that progresses to full-blown Aids within three years if left untreated has become "epidemic" among newly infected patients in Cuba who reported having unprotected sex with multiple partners, a study said.

When US federal health officials ordered 179 Dallas-area residents under "public health surveillance" for Ebola last autumn, it became a major task to meet their personal needs over the 21 days they spent in isolation.

In the muddy sediments beneath the deep sea, scientists have found ancient communities of microbes that remained virtually unchanged for 2.3 billion years.

Scientists have discovered that the largest-known rodent to have ever roamed earth - roughly the size of a buffalo - had ferocious front teeth useful for fighting and digging - much in the way elephants today use their tusks.

The United States has resumed drone strikes against al-Qaeda's most feared franchise without seeking approval from Yamen's Shiite Muslim rebels who have tightened their control of the government.

After 18 months of closely guarding the identity of a 26-year-old American aid worker believed to be the last American held hostage by Islamic State (IS), her family have revealed her identity after the group claimed she had been killed in a Jordanian air strike.


A US drone strike has killed a senior al-Shabab leader near Mogadishu, the Somalia capital, according to Pentagon officials. It was the third US attack against the al-Qaeda-linked militia since last autumn.

Islamic State militants have launched a multipronged attack on the northern Iraqi oil hub of Kirkuk, seizing a downtown building and attacking at least three points along the city's defensive perimeter, authorities said.

On a to-do list that includes world peace, one chore US Secretary of State John Kerry missed is going to cost him personally - to the tune of US$50.

Ali began noticing them in early autumn, the men on street corners of his heavily Muslim neighbourhood who hoped to "talk about Islam" with him.

Synthetic amino acids may one day allow scientists to create "genetic firewalls" that prevent genetically modified crops or animals from escaping into the wild and causing environmental damage.

Sketching the broad outlines of a presidential campaign that is undeclared but well under way, Jeb Bush mixed familiar calls for lower taxes and less regulation with a message to fellow Republicans to stay upbeat.

Consecutive days of violence in Yemen's capital raised fears of deepening instability in a nation regarded as pivotal to Washington's counterterrorism efforts in the Middle East.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at a decision by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to begin an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories.

Maybe misery doesn't love company. When physical pain is involved, having an equally suffering friend nearby just makes you feel worse, according to a study published online in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers now have a new clue to how the female sea turtle, which travel across thousands of kilometres of open ocean each year, manages to navigate back to the same beach where she hatched to lay her own eggs.

Nearly every day on the mainland women go to work in smoke-filled offices, exposed to the fumes of cigarettes smoked mainly by male colleagues. After work is over many go home to breathe secondhand smoke created by husbands or other members of their family.

How long did it take a radioactive plume to travel the waters of the Pacific from Fukushima, Japan, to the shores of North America?

The turkey vulture is a wonder of nature. In a gross way. It urinates directly on its own legs. It frequently projectile vomits. Nearly every meal it eats would cause food poisoning in humans.