Valerie Teh
Valerie Teh
Raised in Hong Kong, Valerie Teh studied Anthropology at the University of Cambridge before joining Condé Nast International as an editor and content copywriter working with renowned media brands including Vogue, GQ and Tatler. With work experience in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London, she is currently a freelance writer and photographer whose work has appeared in the South China Morning Post, the Londonist and Elite Daily.

It’s not clear who first practised yoga while in a silk hammock, but the idea is to perform traditional yoga moves or aerial adaptations of them in the air using the hammock for support – and yogis swear by it

Your exercise and eating habits – plus the make-up you use – can all have an effect on your skin health. We spoke to dermatologists and trainers to find out their regimen for maintaining a good complexion while keeping fit

The Year of the Dog celebrations in the British capital will be the biggest outside China, with up to 200,000 visitors enjoying Chinese culture, arts themed food and drinks, exhibitions and performances


Demand increases in Hong Kong and China for barre workouts that combine dancers’ conditioning with Pilates and strength training for a strong and elegant physique as seen at the recent Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai

Helping local communities benefit from tourism doesn’t always have to be difficult, with organisations such as Pack for a Purpose, Carbon Care Asia and Raleigh International all making it easier for you to be a responsible tourist

The capital of China’s Sichuan province has a number of more obvious attractions popular with visitors, but explore a bit further and you will find a wide variety of fascinating and breathtaking places

If you’re laid over in Shanghai, here are some fun activities to get you out of the airport and give you a taste of the city, its cuisine and people, whether you are there for four hours or half a day

The main beach and city centre can be packed with visitors and nearby Dadonghai offers tacky fun, but head out of town to Yalong and Haitang bays for clear waters and a more relaxing break

Aleksandra Milewicz is bringing aerial yoga outside the studio and into nature with Bamboo Yoga, an exceptionally photogenic workout which provides a new challenge for even experienced yogis. Valerie Teh gives it a go

Shanghai’s more offbeat museums offer esoteric insights into postage stamps and propaganda, urban planning, contemporary art and the life-saving good deeds of ‘the Chinese Schindler’

It’s more than taking the gym outdoors, as the week-long retreat teaches natural movement and the combat skills our ancestors used to survive in the wild

Much of traditional Chinese postnatal confinement practice runs contrary to Western medicine. We ask health professionals from Chinese, Western and holistic backgrounds for their views on postnatal care

While traditional advice about avoiding cold and wet-hot foods, or the idea that dark foods can affect skin colour, stand in stark contrast to what Western doctors say, there is agreement that stress and overexertion can be harmful

With its azure lakes, waterfalls and – yes, it’s true – glorious solitude, the Unesco World Heritage site and World Biosphere Reserve in southwest China is a heavenly place for a walk

Savvy travellers are turning to house sitting and work exchange programmes to stay in amazing places – including a castle from Game of Thrones – at no cost

A Hongkonger ditches her office job, trades in her heels for a pair of wellies, and puts in a tough but satisfying stint on a working farm in New Zealand