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Crispy fried chicken and beer: a match made in foodie heaven

Crispy fried chicken and beer:
a match made in foodie heaven
From Kentucky Fried Chicken, to the other 'KFC', Korean Fried Chicken, crispy chicken is loved around the world. One step further is the much loved food and booze combo: fried chicken and beer. So popular is this pairing, that in Korea, they even have a word for it; 'Chimac' or 'Chimaek'. Combining the Korean words for 'chicken' and 'maekju' (beer), Chimaek rose to foodie fame during the 2010 World Cup, and more recently got us salivating at our screens while watching Korean drama 'Crash Landing on You'. Join our journey through this classic combination with our podcast, products and recipes.
Fight of the fried chicken - Kentucky vs Korean
Crispy chicken has been around for nearly a century. We explore its 'soul food' status, West African origins and talk to 'KFC' experts. Find our more with one of our Eat Drink Asia podcasts.
Looking for the best crispy fried chicken and Chimaek recipes from around the globe?
Grab a cold beer and get busy in the kitchen; we've rounded up the best fried chicken recipes so you can try Chimaek at home. For more inspiration, explore these 30+ poultry dishes.
Easy Thai-style fried chicken wings

This is one of the most requested recipes from my cookbook (now out of print), A Celebration of Food. It's something I make whenever my friends come over for dinner, or whenever we have a pot luck. While the wings can be fried immediately, they taste better if they have a chance to marinate for several hours.

Vietnamese butter chicken wings

I've never actually eaten Vietnamese butter chicken wings in Vietnam, so I'm not sure if they're traditionally consumed in that country, or if it's a dish that Vietnamese cooks invented once they immigrated. I do know that whenever I order them, no two versions are the same.

Easy Korean fried chicken - the other KFC

In Korea, going out for a meal of chicken and beer is such a common activity that it has its own name: chimek. There are many different types of Korean fried chicken, aka KFC, but the best known version is chicken coated in a spicy-sweet sticky coating. It's easy enough to make at home. The traditional accompaniment (other than beer, of course) is a white radish banchan, which refreshes the palate.

Tsingtao Beer
Provided by Goldthread2.com

Qingdao Beer Festival

The largest of its kind in Asia (and home to one of China's most popular tipples, TsingTao beer) we explore this eclectic fest that draws visitors from around the world. Cheers!

Are you a fried chicken lover who craves beer? Save the diet with this gift idea...
Inspired by the Goldthread team 's journey to the Qingdao Beer Festival, we love this quirky gift to bring a taste of TsingTao to your wardrobe.
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