Vladimir Putin

Russian president
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Vladimir Putin has been in office as Russia's president or prime minister for more than two decades.

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China, India, Thailand, Pakistan and Vietnam were among the 35 nations that declined to vote during the UN General Assembly on Russia’s ‘attempted illegal annexations’ of four Ukrainian regions.
The failure to bring Saudi Arabia closer to a Western alliance will not only please Putin, but those on the American right who continue to quietly support his vision.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
Latest firing of nuclear-capable missile across Japan has increased regional tensions, with South Korea also revealing a similar weapon.
China’s zero-Covid strategy, inflation and an energy crisis in Europe are likely to put a damper on the global economy until 2024, say economists.
Vladimir Putin says he is not bluffing, so every effort must be made to reach a negotiated peace however difficult that may be.
While Biden has united the West against Putin’s war on Ukraine, he has yet to show the US electorate he is taking the migration issue seriously. Migration is one of the Democrats’ most urgent problems: it could give Republicans control of Congress and undermine American support for Ukraine.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing meets Vladimir Putin for first time since coup, as countries sign nuclear road map for cooperation over 2022-23 and signal commitment to deepen partnership in key areas.
The Chinese president has a delicate balancing act to play between Russia and the other Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states in Central Asia, quite a few of which feel threatened by the Russian leader – especially after Ukraine – and are not unhappy about his latest military setbacks.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Given the Covid-19 situation and the Communist Party’s crucial national congress next month, few would have expected the president and other top leaders to venture abroad at this time, but that they are doing so puts China back on the global diplomatic map.
Nearly eight decades since nuclear weapons were first used in anger, the world again finds itself at a crossroads. Complete disarmament is a fantasy, but atomic technology can be used for good – as Singapore and the Philippines are finding out.
At their meeting in Beijing, the Chinese and Indonesian leaders not only strengthened relations, but also pledged cooperation and coordination on issues of concern.
Vladimir Putin’s weaponisation of food security is just the latest blow to an already-broken global food system. We must tackle not only the Black Sea blockade but the structural issues that left the world so vulnerable to supply disruptions in the first place.
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