Vladimir Putin

Russian president
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Vladimir Putin has been in office as Russia's president or prime minister for more than two decades.

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Historians will long debate whether the terrible things the US secretary of state did far outweighed the goods he delivered on the world stage.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
As the dust settles on the US House speakership battle, it is clear that American democracy and values matter less and less to Trump’s Republicans. Don’t be fooled by their constant anti-China fury. This invective needs to be at full blast to deflect attention from the party’s illiberal agenda.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
What might Kim Jong-un want from Vladimir Putin in exchange for missiles?
A new study shows authoritarian leaders who survive insurrection have strong motives and ample opportunities to accumulate even more power.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
While central bankers’ aggressive interest rates are not helping global economic stability, political leaders are further endangering the situation. Geostrategic actions that hurt global trade are hardly what the world economy needs. Will things change for the better with the 2024 US election?
The upheaval, and uncertain future of Prigozhin as Wagner chief, could affect the actions of the Wagner mercenaries in areas with a growing footprint of Chinese mining companies.
Beyond what the crisis-obsessed media may report, the world is actually making steady progress against poverty, illiteracy, disease and more. More than anything, we should rely on a fact-based world view rather than the fact-free bigotry incubated across much of social media.
A Republican congressman’s comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership could indicate a shift against the nationalist-populist culture war the party has been leaning into. But it may be too soon to judge if the party can be brought back to the free trade agenda that it once espoused, before Trump took over.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
Even if Putin cannot be made to pay the massive bill, Ukrainians can be moderately confident the world will ensure it is covered. Importantly, this is a sober reminder of the grim costs of war and the absolute imperative to avoid it.
Unlike the West’s undeclared war on Russia, China’s friendship can help to bring about peace in Ukraine and moderate Moscow’s revanchism.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
As the West heads for a period of financial fragility, China needs a stable Ukraine to bring its grand infrastructure project back to life – and change the balance of economic power.
Best way forward is for Western leaders to seriously consider China’s peace plan, Russia’s angst and the Global South’s concerns and priorities. There must be a call for an immediate cessation of conflict and an honest search for a fair and balanced compromise.
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