China’s controversial western region
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China has been hit by sanctions from the US and other countries over alleged suppression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, its far-west frontier region. It says these claims are politically motivated and that its policies in Xinjiang are to counter extremism and reduce poverty.

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Central Asia sits at the heart of China’s foreign policy, not because of any expansionist ambitions but because it is an extension of domestic challenges in Xinjiang. To build a strong economic environment to support Xinjiang, Beijing has been transforming Central Asia through infrastructure projects.
The railway built by China that links Xinjiang with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan will boost development, security, trade and investment as well as strengthen Beijing’s economic footprint in the region.
US politicians are too distracted by culture wars to address problems such as climate change and global food shortages that will kill far more people than those who die in gun violence.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
Beijing’s true intentions will always be second-guessed, or inaccurately portrayed as long as China continues to keep foreign media at an arm’s length.
Hikvision, DJI and Xiaomi have had to confront a barrage of negative headlines over the past few weeks that could impact the overseas business of other Chinese tech companies.
Discussions between top officials of both countries concluded in disappointment, but at least they agreed to disagree and keep communications open.
The guiding philosophies of Jiang Zemin and Deng Xiaoping have been turned on their head. Nowadays firms must keep quiet while struggling to make money, writes Wang Xiangwei.
SCMP ColumnistWang Xiangwei
The grim details of both countries’ alleged abuses against their respective Muslim minority groups emerged the same year, so why is Washington dragging its heels on condemning Naypyidaw?
Either China is committing genocide, in which case the West’s response so far has been inept and inadequate, including the diplomatic boycotts of the Winter Olympics; or if it is not, and in that case, Western propaganda is disgraceful and risks rendering meaningless a term for the gravest of crimes.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Coalition partners may want a tougher line on China, but Chancellor Scholz has stressed his priorities are the European Union and United States
Nicholas Burns is likely to be confirmed as ambassador to Beijing and he will have to mind his words to avoid angering his hosts.
China’s Belt and Road Initiative is aimed at stabilising and improving living standards for the poor and marginalised countries of Central Asia. Out of the ashes, China’s efforts to build connections and economies through infrastructure can perhaps find new relevance.
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