China’s controversial western region
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China has been hit by sanctions from the US and other countries over alleged suppression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, its far-west frontier region. It says these claims are politically motivated and that its policies in Xinjiang are to counter extremism and reduce poverty.

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With the United States withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, Beijing is trying to fill the void by pledging non-interference in the country while also demanding that militants not be allowed to gain the upper hand
Discussion of such issues should not be barred in mainland China nor should online forums used for that purpose be shut down.
Political fallout has derailed a treaty that could ultimately make a real difference, not only to the two economies but also global growth.
Despite its professed non-interference policy, Beijing wants to be involved this time in Palestine as the escalating conflict exposes two-faced America finger-wagging over the Uygurs in Xinjiang while letting Israel go on a rampage against the Palestinian civilian population.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Concerns over Covid-19 are only one aspect of Tokyo Games that have long seemed cursed but set to go ahead on July 23.
The bipartisan bill is long on strategic reviews and building relationships with allies, and short on wild conclusions and overwrought warnings – on Xinjiang, for example. Under Biden, Washington may well realise the ‘pivot to Asia’ that Obama had aimed for.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
Far from frantic, the boycott movement is reasoned, controlled and firmly aligned with China’s vision of its tech-empowered economic ascendancy. Nike is protected from wrath for now because it fills a gap in wearable tech in China’s value chain, especially ahead of the Olympics – unlike H&M.
Online searches for “where to go in Xinjiang this April” surge 275 per cent in 24 hours after foreign fashion brands say they will not source fibre from world’s major cotton-producing region.
While acrimony and accusations dominated the media coverage, Beijing and Washington were able to lay down markers and understand each other’s bottom lines.
SCMP ColumnistWang Xiangwei
The consumer and celebrity boycotts of multinationals over refusal to use cotton from Xinjiang reveals that Chinese no longer opt blindly for foreign brands and that doing business in China means more than compliance with regulations.
Instead of sanctions, let’s call for a moral quid pro quo between the Americans and Chinese to end all the bad things they have done respectively in Yemen and Xinjiang.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Disputes between China and Western nations over alleged human rights abuses in the restive region can be resolved only if both sides recognise the other’s concerns.
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