Asian diaspora
  • Filipino food has historically been underappreciated compared to other Asian cuisines, but four Filipino-American chefs are up for James Beard Awards in 2023
  • Two of them, Aaron Verzosa of Seattle’s Archipelago, and Vince Bugtong of San Francisco’s Abacá, talk about pushing boundaries and telling stories through food

Charges of being an agent for China were dropped against a Tibetan-American police officer, but one observer says Beijing seeks to sow division among Tibetans and this case helped magnify these divides.


American Born Chinese from Disney+, whose star-studded cast includes Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, is an entertaining high-school-set affair that tackles issues of Asian-American representation.


Disney+ series American Born Chinese, starring Michelle Yeoh, Ben Wang and Daniel Wu, mixes teen angst and supernatural myths as it follows an Asian-American student in suburban California.


Asian-American actor Michael Tow talks about denying his cultural identity as a child, surviving Hollywood, and the personal loss he shares with his character in Apple TV series City on Fire.


Thurnwald, who plays a Korean adoptee in Netflix series XO, Kitty, talks about his own experiences as a Korean adoptee growing up on Australia’s Gold Coast, and how he wants to get behind the camera.

Litang Liang, 63, of Massachusetts is accused of reporting to consulate officials on protests in the Boston area against China government actions since 2018.

Finding Google Translate too literal, Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur Josh Gao co-created a real-time translation app that handles colloquial language properly so he could text more naturally with his parents.

At recent auditions for older models held in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, Korean-American hopefuls open up about chasing their lifelong dream, after years spent providing for their families in a new country.

Community members are increasingly active politically, multilingual at home and more diverse economically than widely portrayed, study also reveals.

The frozen Sara Lee pound cake, as seen on recent Netflix show Beef, has become an Asian culinary icon and is loved the world over. Its fans explain why they adore the cake so much.

The team behind Elemental, upcoming Disney and Pixar animated film about a family who migrate to a city of different ‘elements’, on its message of tolerance and the challenges of creating its characters.

Korean-Australian hip-hop group 1300, who mostly rap in Korean and whose fans include superstars like K-pop act Stray Kids, talk about gaining a Western fan base, and their chemistry as a group.


Vietnamese-American artist Dan Lam’s striking technicolour sculptures can sell for up to US$40,000 and she has nearly half a million followers on Instagram, including Miley Cyrus.

In Los Angeles, a new generation of chefs and restaurateurs with Hong Kong roots have made it their business to revitalise the city’s Cantonese food scene.

The Hong Kong Market, a pop-up in Glasgow, brought a little of the Lion Rock spirit to the Scottish city by way of 25 stalls selling everything from Chinese street food to massages and haircuts.

Andi Wang and ‘Kat’ Zhang form the pop duo Bubble Tea and Cigarettes. They got serious about their music in Covid lockdown, and have taken it on the road. They look forward to getting back into ‘creative mode’.

Zee Entertainment plans to offer original content, including reality shows inspired by Indian television, made in partnership with local producers.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves actor Jason Wong talks to the Post about the trailblazers that have helped Asian actors in Hollywood, and growing up watching Jackie Chan and Tony Leung films.

The women in Wong Kar-wai films inspired Lisa Von Tang, but not in the way you would think. She tells the Post about her upbringing, how her brand was born and ‘what it means to be Asian’.

Aimée Kwan plays a relative of Donnie Yen’s character in John Wick: Chapter 4 – but a week before she found out she had the role, she had been thinking about giving up acting. The Oxford University graduate tells the Post why.

Long cast as a Chinese gangster or minor supporting role, George Cheung says he hopes the success of Everything Everywhere All at Once is a turning point for Asians in Hollywood.

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee and actress Anna May Wong’s niece Anna Wong talk about how the actors paved the way for Asians in Hollywood, and the pain of the ‘horrible tropes’ they had to endure.

John Nguyen at Le Garcon Saigon in Hong Kong is a fan of Chicago-based fellow Vietnamese chef Thai Dang’s cooking – ‘I like the chicken wings, the flavour profile is aggressive’ – and invited him for a collaboration.

Three car enthusiasts with Hong Kong roots in California and Canada have remodelled Toyota Crown Comforts to look like the city’s taxis, down to their taximeters, rooflights and multiple phones on the dash.