Asian-inspired designs
  • A dramatic bayside building conceived by Rocco Design Architects Associates puts the city in southern China on the map for opera, ballet and stage performances
  • Its fluid, curvaceous design gives it the dramatic presence it needs ‘to project from afar its monumentality’, explains Rocco Yim

Asian bridal couture designers are not just changing the landscape of a billion-dollar industry, but also helping brides veer from the traditional mould

Fé Valvekens was studying residential interior design when her family moved homes in Hong Kong, giving her the chance to put into practice things she had learned.


The 867 sq ft space, which looks out onto the neon lights of Kowloon, features a variety of wood, along with concrete, subtle industrial elements and an ever-changing lighting system, creating a tactile, tropical, welcoming environment.

A designer persuaded a reluctant family to go bold, creating distinctive features that give the home a modern aesthetic while respecting the cultural context of the old-style 1970s tenement.

Renovating a new flat during a pandemic – and with a baby on the way – presents challenges, but for one Hong Kong couple, life in a virtual lockdown resulted in not only the perfect sanctuary, but savings, too.

The dark, dingy flat had been crossed off the list of many potential buyers before the new owners convinced themselves they weren’t ‘crazy’ to buy it.