Australian politics

Media reported last week that two bills were the result of a classified report that found the Chinese Communist Party had tried to influence policy, compromise political parties and gain access to all levels of government

China’s influence on Chinese-Australians and Australian politics comes under scrutiny in new book by Clive Hamilton, whose argument is weakened by claims that major Hong Kong companies are beholden to Beijing and his belief that Chinese-Australians shouldn’t engage in politics in their own country

Five Australian lawmakers were forced from Parliament on Wednesday in an ongoing legal wrangle over a constitutional ban on dual citizens standing for election.

Newspapers revealed last week that he and his former media adviser are expecting a baby together, and the scandal has angered many within his conservative, rural-based party

America’s recent move to have RT register as a foreign agent relates to a 1938 law, with Russia and Australia taking copycat action. If Hong Kong was to do the same, it would only be following the master player