Beidaihe meetingi

The Beidaihe meeting, or "summer summit" as it is known to China watchers, is held annually in the resort town in Hebei province. It is where China's leaders and elders from earlier generations meet in an informal setting for closed-door discussions that will set the tone for major domestic issues.

  • Premier Li Qiang convenes cabinet meeting as rescue efforts continue nationwide, with north and northeast worst affected
  • Li calls for authorities to do their utmost while maintaining stability in society, while Beijing officials confirm record rainfall

Leaders vanished after July meeting at which President Xi Jinping set out 2035 strategy, but Xi may have preferred to minimise policy discussion, observers say.


The annual informal late-summer gathering of China’s ruling party will almost certainly be devoted to US tariffs and how to respond to them, as well as containing public dissatisfaction and, on a subtle level, discussing the leadership’s mistakes.

In theory, the most important political event of the year in China is the annual plenary session of the ruling Communist Party's top decision-making Central Committee in Beijing in the autumn.

A public appearance by Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping yesterday signalled the end of the annual direction-setting gathering of party elites and elders at the seaside resort of Beidaihe in Hebei.

China’s ruling Communist Party elites are gathering this week in the seaside resort of Beidaihe for a summer summit to work out major policy decisions.

Liu Yunshan, who ranks fifth on the Politburo's all-powerful Standing Committee, appeared in Beijing to host a meeting on the Communist Party's "mass line" education campaign, according to China Central Television.

The People's Publishing House will on Monday release a collection of speeches Zhu gave as mayor of Shanghai between 1987 and 1991. The People's Daily website yesterday ran excerpts, which were picked up by major mainland portals.

Increased numbers of armed police have been seen in the vicinity of a private Beidaihe beach. Also, 200 "model workers" - people the party has recognised for their contributions to society - have recently arrived for holiday in the area, the China News Service reported.

The secret discussions of party leaders at their annual conclave in the beach resort of Beidaihe set the tone for important political and economic policy issues.

A year ago, Communist Party chiefs convened a secretive conclave in the seaside town of Beidaihe to finalise plans to hand over power to a new generation of leaders in the wake of the most serious crisis in years.

The hustle and bustle of the "summer summit" is back in the seaside town of Beidaihe. Punters had questioned whether this year's meeting would be suspended as part of the austerity drive ushered in by President Xi Jinping .