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Latest news and updates on all things Cantonese, including its slang terms and the culture and customs of the millions of people who speak the southern Chinese dialect in Hong Kong, Guangdong and around the world.


Donnie Yen’s stand-out appearance in John Wick: Chapter 4 is an excellent opportunity to raise Hong Kong’s global prominence, and the city’s government must step up to take it.

From the ‘Hello Hong Kong’ campaign’s free air tickets to the need to ‘grab’ talent from elsewhere, Hong Kong seems desperate – and that’s ugly. We must focus on why we are unique.

A spike in eateries selling two-dish-rice boxes is reminiscent of the 1950s when open-air food stalls helped Hong Kong’s poor survive. Are we witnessing a return to widespread poverty?

  • Despite efforts to promote Cantonese opera, it is not popular with younger generations in Hong Kong. Fan and philanthropist Ina Chan hopes to change that
  • She is behind a newly launched troupe that will support young performers and put on operas, and a research centre to increase understanding of the art form

Janet Kung, winner in 2019, and five-time champion Angel Wong say they have been preparing mentally and physically for race after three-year hiatus from pandemic


A Japanese television crew filming a documentary about Hong Kong’s food and culture have given a huge thumbs up to cuisine in the city, sparking a wave of culinary praise on social media.

In Los Angeles, a new generation of chefs and restaurateurs with Hong Kong roots have made it their business to revitalise the city’s Cantonese food scene.

Forget the futuristic title “The Stage Door on Mars” given this production – it was very much a tribute to the present-day vibrancy of Cantonese opera and music.

Hotpot may seem simple, but there are unspoken rules that participants ignore at their peril. From when to dunk ingredients to chopstick etiquette, we reveal the dos and don’ts of this year-round Hong Kong favourite.

Readers discuss the importance of keeping Cantonese culture and language alive in Hong Kong, the power of music in our lives, and the need for Beijing to clarify its peaceful intentions over Taiwan.


The Hong Kongers’ Dining Rituals Survey, carried out by YouGov on behalf of Deliveroo, examines the many different ways people in Hong Kong eat and use items like chopsticks.

From avoiding char siu restaurants to making lavish food offerings to the spirits of deceased relatives, some customs that Hongkongers adhere to during Hungry Ghost Festival aren’t based on tradition.