Chinese artists

From ex-Swin member Kun’s debut album Mystery to the boundary-pushing, explicit Pedestal by Ozi, here are five Chinese R&B albums to listen to right now.


Hong Kong-based American contemporary artist Christopher K. Ho says The Writing Life by American author Annie Dillard is ‘one of the most accurate descriptions of the artistic process’.


The painter, who lived much of his life in Paris, is known for his large abstract canvases, but most of the works donated by Sin-May Roy Zao are prints, and show another side to Zao’s work, an M+ curator says.

Arriving from Shanghai, Lu Yiwei found Los Angeles’ contemporary art scene lacking. Now she’s opened a gallery. May Xue, veteran of contemporary art institutions in Beijing and Hong Kong, opened an art space too.

Shanghai may be known as China’s cultural capital, but Hangzhou’s expanding art infrastructure and laid-back ethos have created a vibrant scene.

The first major Chinese artist to tour M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of visual culture, Zhang, 63, gives it a positive review and reaffirms his intention to move his home and studio to the city.

Comprehensive, unwieldy and chaotic, the catalogue of the vast Sigg Collection details the works held at M+ while trying to avoid presenting them as a canon of contemporary Chinese art.

Worn by Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Blackpink’s Lisa, and tapped to work with brands like Fitbit, Onitsuka Tiger and Vacheron Constantin, it’s clear the fashion world has a new breed of talent to reckon with

Paper cutting has been practised on China for more than 1,000 years, but not like this – a show of 90 works by seven Chinese contemporary artists in Hong Kong puts a new spin on the folk art.

A collection of essays by British cultural historian David Elliott about contemporary Asian art is as eclectic as it is erudite. Full of historical titbits, it is more a work to dip into than to consume at one sitting.

‘It is a deep honour to represent Hong Kong’ at the Venice Biennale in 2022, says Angela Su, the first female artist in Hong Kong to have a solo exhibition at the international event.

The contemporary artist isn’t only about outlandish artworks designed to shock – especially after Covid-19’s ‘social stagnation’ prompted him to reflect

‘Pages of Power’ in Hong Kong features hand-drawn art by Pat Lee, a comic-book artist who has created illustrations for Marvel and DC Comics titles such as Batman, Superman, The X-Men and Transformers.