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  • Conservation groups estimate the population of Sumatran rhinos to number less than 80 on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo
  • The as-yet-unnamed addition to the herd at Way Kambas National Park brings the total number of Sumatran rhinos there to 10

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department says it has put up warning notices showing relevant laws at Tai Mo Shan, after couple filmed with firework at photoshoot.

Readers discuss the impediment to nurturing IT professionals who drive innovation, progress on an MTR station near the expanding Science Park, and the expected redevelopment of Choi Hung Estate.

Oysters play a vital water-cleaning role in ecosystems, but oyster farms are being affected by climate change and pollution. An exhibition in Hong Kong is raising awareness of their importance.

Vote checkers in New Zealand were so overwhelmed by John Oliver’s humorous campaign for the puteketeke they had to postpone naming the winning bird for two days.

Vote checkers in New Zealand have been overwhelmed by ballots to choose the Bird of the Century, after comedian John Oliver’s humorous campaign for his favourite feathered friend, the pūteketeke.

The three-time world champion passes on advice on getting started in the sport and talks about his relationship with the watch brand with a long history of exploring of the underwater world

British broadcaster turns wildlife and landscape images from around the world shot by its Natural History Unit for David Attenborough series into a 360-degree immersive experience in Australia.

Falling populations of little penguins on Phillip Island led to the building of the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, which allows visitors to view the birds up close without disrupting their lives.

Ha Long Bay, famed for its turquoise waters dotted with towering rainforest-topped limestone islands, is one of Vietnam ’s most popular tourist destinations.


Plastic-eating bacteria were discovered devouring waste two decades ago. Scientists are now looking at how to scale up their diet and launch a global recycling revolution.

The environmentalist filmmaker behind A Plastic Ocean and The Last Glaciers talks about his journey, from being inspired by David Attenborough as a child to making documentaries that ‘create awareness’.

Staff at the Kokomo advise guests not to rush – there’s just no need when everything is laid on personally for you – and their wide smiles may well be your most prized souvenir from a visit here

A committee to be headed by finance chief Paul Chan with an associated office will advise on ‘feasible investment and financing options’ for mega projects, policy address says


Organised and Serious Crime Ordinance amended in 2021 to cover certain wildlife trafficking-related crimes but has yet to be used for prosecutions, experts say.

Lawmakers say introduction of charges for plastic waste bags few weeks earlier may create confusion over two policies and problems for catering trade.