• Tragic case of mentally disabled adult brothers found dead at home shows ‘safety net needs to be tightened’, experts say
  • Teams to go door-to-door to identify overstretched carers under new initiative, but one academic says measure ‘like finding a needle in a haystack’

Mandy Harvey lost her hearing at 19 but later wowed Simon Cowell with her music on America’s Got Talent. The singer talks to the Post ahead of her performance with Hong Kong’s largest inclusive orchestra.

Imagine going for yum cha and not hearing any of the clatter or chatter, or being able to speak to the waiters. A Hong Kong charity and a hotel have replicated deaf diners’ experience to show the challenges they face.


She won Indonesia’s Got Talent at age 8. Now, Putri Ariani is seeking to dominate the US version of the show, having already wowed Simon Cowell.


Firm says multilingual AI can help bring rarely accessed services to remote areas, monitoring the likes of eye issues and falls, pollution and traffic. However, senior executive says big challenge will be ensuring AI is used ethically.


Rabi Yim Chor-pik, a graphic designer, tells Kate Whitehead about the date that changed her life, how she has fought to make Hong Kong a more wheelchair-accessible city, and her hopes for the future.

The L’Imperfetta (Imperfect) modelling agency has models of all sizes and ages, some with disabilities or medical conditions like alopecia, visible scarring, or who have lost limbs.

Jeff Rotmeyer, Hong Kong founder of the ImpactHK homeless charity and Love 21 charity to help the Down’s syndrome and autism communities, tells Kate Whitehead about his mission to teach the city to be kinder.

Para swimmer Koh Lee Peng started selling tissue in 2019 after leaving her office job due to accessibility issues. She won seven gold medals and three silver medals at the Asean Para Games.

‘Who will take responsibility when they become unable to raise children? We cannot guarantee the life of newborns,’ said the head of the corporation that runs the facility in Hokkaido.

Australian Natalie Curtis said staff had told her she would have to pay to use a wheelchair to get off the plane, which she refused to do. She was on the last leg of her journey with budget airline Jetstar when the incident occurred.

Hong Kong’s Fearless Dragon club is pioneering running for the disabled – ‘now, more people believe. They see I’m the slowest, but I finished, I did not give up,’ says co-founder Kim Mok.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has died after seven decades on the throne. Adored by many, she was also a symbol of the British colonial empire.

Born to Hong Kong immigrants to the United States, Alice Wong wasn’t supposed to live to adulthood. But live she did, and has become a formidable activist for disabled communities.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s unique view of life on the autism spectrum has made the Korean drama series on Netflix, starring Park Eun-bin, wildly popular. A critic explains why.

Interns gain skills and self-confidence working in the pastry kitchen and restaurants at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental under a training programme for people with disabilities.