• China’s broadcasting regulator banned unlicensed titles from being streamed on Twitch-like platforms such as Douyu and Huya
  • It marks another escalation in regulations on the video game industry days after new titles were licensed in China following an eight-month freeze

Tencent, with a 37 per cent stake in Douyu, wants to team up with at least one private equity firm in the take-private plan, according to sources.


The popular Nintendo Switch game disappeared from ecommerce platforms after Hong Kong protest art went viral, and now it’s vanishing from live streams on Bilibili and other sites


China’s Tomb-Sweeping Day was turned into a day of mourning for coronavirus victims, with online entertainment shut down

Buyers like the experience of seeing the products in live-streamed video, but they also worry about false marketing and scams

Wang Sicong is the son of one of China’s richest men, but the collapse of Panda TV resulted in courts hitting him with spending limits

Huya is a popular game-centric live-streaming platform in China known for its strong presence in mobile esports. Backed by YY and Tencent, Huya is the main competitor to Douyu.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google might learn to become less reliant on star streamers like Ninja -- as Douyu and Huya learned in China

Liu "PDD" Mou is worth millions of dollars to Douyu as it tries to fend off game live streaming competitor Huya in an industry projected to grow to $3 billion